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iChess 3D app review: a beautifully designed classic chess game



The iChess 3D app is no longer in iTunes but you can find an alternative chess app on our iPhone list. You can also find all the best iPhone apps on our applists. We have also reviewed these chess apps or check out our iPhone app reviews:-

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iChess 3D offers impressive graphic design in 3D or 2D mode. It perfectly recreates the classic game so you can play it on your iOS device. The game offers single-player and multi-player options. It allows you to challenge your friends in a multi-player offline mode. Developed by Synergy IT, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

iChess 3D


Enjoy the Game of the Kings with iChess 3D

The game of chess is a timeless classic. It was invented in the year 1200 but it remains popular to this day. Although there are probably hundreds of chess games on the App Store, very few can offer a striking user interface using an impressive 3D rendering engine. One such app that enjoys this distinction is iChess 3D.

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iChess 3D offers everything that you may want in a chess game. For starters, it remains loyal to the game. It retains all basic rules of the game and did not add any superfluous variation.

Most importantly, the app offers jaw-dropping interface that takes advantage of Apple’s excellent 3D display hardware. It gives you a game that is enjoyable mentally and visually.

When you load this app, you will be welcomed by hypnotic background music with a clear calming effect. The home screen is pretty straightforward and clutter-free. It gives you several options whether to play in single mode or in multi-player mode. If you have an open game, there is a resume button that allows you to continue with your games.

The app offers smooth gameplay with responsive screen. You can tap a piece and drag it to a designated square. While some people may prefer the 3D display, the app still gives you the chance to play in 2D top view.

Enjoy the Game of the Kings with iChess 3D image

Best Features of iChess 3D

iChess 3D offers amazing 3D graphical display that is perfect for the modern iOS devices. The graphics are crisp, clear, and highly detailed. It offers a wooden themed board similar to real life chess boards.

Apart from the impressive visual display, this app offers outstanding background music. It allows you to listen to a continuous stream of mesmerizing compositions by Kevin McLeod.

One of the best features of iChess is the online multi-player option. It allows you to challenge anyone from the Game Center in a turn-based action. However, you can also use this app for offline multi-player game.

iChess 3D offers three AI difficulty levels when you are in single-player mode. The app’s AI engine is pretty impressive especially if you are in hard mode. The CPU opponent can be very brutal and will use advanced tactical maneuvers to checkmate your King.

Best Features of iChess 3D image

iChess 3D


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive 3D design
  • Allows you to switch to 2D display
  • Online multiplayer action via Game Center
  • Elegant soundtrack from the compositions of Kevin McLeod
  • Responsive gameplay
  • Excellent artificial intelligence in single player action
  • Offer intuitive navigation


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

iChess 3D offers a beautifully designed chess game with an equally impressive background music. It allows you to play online against other players around the world. This is a highly recommended app for those who love to play classic chess.

iChess 3D

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