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Busy Bags app review: get the passengers their bags before they lose their patience



Busy Bags is an iPhone and iPad game that will have you trying to reclaim your luggage the fastest and get out the door! It’s not as easy as it sounds though! Some people thing their bag is always last, and the less patience they exhibit, the more points you will lose. Good luck!

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Busy Bags


Get the Bags Through Baggage Claim Quickly

Busy Bags will have you struggling to get the bags through the baggage claim quickly. The plane lands, and you are responsible to lead the passengers to their luggage. The faster they get it the better, but the more patience they lose, the fewer points you’ll get. Let’s face it: people in airports want their bags and to get out. They have no patience and do not want to be last in line! You’ll have to contend with nervous celebrities, broken conveyer belts, and you will have to keep the stewardess and airsick passengers happy too!

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The way the game is laid out is that you have to travel from airport to airport satisfying the passengers. Each airport has new features to master, and you’ll have to figure out the two-click mechanics that offers a lot of fun. Get a high score by making all the passengers happy!


Busy Bags has over 40 levels in the first version, with the promise of more to come. There are five airports from all over the world, and you can play it in five languages too! Whether you prefer English, French, Italian, German, or Spanish, you’ll be set. It has a rich 3D environment with a 360 degree camera view so you can pan around the airport to see what you need to do. You can also zoom in easily, and view details that may not be visible immediately.

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As far as the luggage belts goes, there are three belts per level. As mentioned above, you have to master new features of these belts at each airport, and there are over 20 different 3D characters to help find their luggage. Fortunately, there is a tutorial and the gameplay is fairly easy to figure out. It’s the timing that you’ll have to practice.

Busy Bags


Pros & Cons


  • Fun for all ages
  • Easy gameplay to figure out
  • Two-click mechanics
  • Syncs with Game Center
  • More than 20 characters
  • Over 40 levels to check out with five airports around the world that are each different


  • The two-click mechanics can be tricky to get the hang of
  • Lots of in-app purchases

Final Thoughts

Busy Bags is an iPhone and iPad game that will have you trying to get the perfect timing to satisfy all of your passengers. The premise is simple, but in practice it’s another story. It’s an interesting take on a real life struggle with patience, as going through the baggage claim is always a stressful time. You wonder if your bag was left behind, lost, or if someone stole it, then suddenly there it is and you’re relieved. For most, it’s a happy ending, but in this game if it’s not then you’ll have to try the level again. Overall, it is a fun premise, and it was fun for the kids to try out.


Busy Bags

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