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Wonder Polls app review: a polling platform with a vibrant community



Wonder Poll is basically a poll app using the Q&A format. This app, however, goes beyond polling because at its core is a vibrant community of users that actively interact with each other.  It is a combination of a poll platform, social network, and knowledge base. It offers tens of thousands of polls and allows you to create your own Q&A, make a comment, or answer a question that piques your interest. Developed by Tim Busbee, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Wonder Polls: Mature


Take Part in World’s Largest Polling Community

Polls and Q&A websites are very popular among internet users. That is because people love to ask lots of questions and they also want to answer question, even from strangers. This is the reason behind the success of Wonder Polls.

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Wonder Polls started as a web-based polling platform where people can create and answer questions anonymously. Today, you can access the service from your iOS device by downloading its mobile version.

Wonder Polls is an adult-only app because the questions usually touch on topics with mature content. It is a free-for-all semi-anonymous app and members are free to ask anything that comes to mind.

It is easy to get started with this app. Just load it and start answering the first poll that pops up on the screen. The polls move like a carousel. When you answer a question, the result page will be shown and you can proceed to the next poll. The app gives you the option to skip the question if you don’t want to answer.

If you don’t want to see random polls or questions, you can narrow down your option by choosing a specific category. The app uses a smart filter that accurately filters polls into distinct categories.

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Best Features of Wonder Polls

Wonder Polls offers a minimalist screen layout. It allocates a large part of the screen to the poll itself. There are few on-screen buttons and the main menu is tucked neatly inside the triple bar icon.

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This app offers tens of thousands of polls. It randomly chooses questions for you but you can use the categories to find topics that are relevant to your interests.

Wonder Polls allows you to create your own polls. Just tap the create poll button on the main menu and you can start composing the question. You can categorize your poll, add an image, and write multiple choice answers. Then, post the poll to the community and it will go live.

One of the best features of this app is the built-in comment section. You can leave a comment on any poll and allow others to make a comment too.

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Wonder Polls: Mature


Pros and Cons


  • Offers hilarious and mind-boggling polls
  • Allows you to skip any poll
  • Allows you to choose a topic by categories
  • Offers a poll creation tool
  • Allows you to leave a comment
  • Offers social media sharing


  • The app contains graphic language not suitable for children

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Wonder Polls is one of the largest polling communities for mobile users. It offers tens of thousands of polls and some of the questions deal with mature subjects. The app allows you to explore new facts and trivia from around the world.

Wonder Polls: Mature

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