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Salon Objectives app review: offering free salon management tools



Salon Objectives is a free client management system that can make salon operations more efficient. It allows you to create full profiles for your clients, create an appointment calendar, and generate financial reports. It offers automated follow-up tool to remind clients about upcoming appointments. Developed by Scott Lichtenstein, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Salon Objectives


Take Full Control of Your Salon Operation with Salon Objectives.

Salon Objectives is a free app that offers premium features with no in-app purchase options. It gives you full access to its services without restrictions.

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As a client management system, this app offers advanced features that allow you to take control of your client profiles. It has a built-in calendar system for setting up appointments and it allows you to contact clients via SMS, voice call, or email.

What makes this app unique is that it automatically saves and syncs your data to the cloud service of Salon Objectives website. So with a username and password, you will be able to access your data anywhere from any device across different platforms.

When you first load the app, it will require you to create log-in credentials. You can then start creating client profiles by importing the data from your address book. Profiles are completely customizable so you can add photo, service history, expense history, and other useful information.

Then, tap the calendar button from the main menu to organize client appointments. Salon Objectives offers a timeline view for the calendar entries. This means you can easily see detailed daily, weekly, and monthly schedules without browsing through numerous pages.

The app allows you to set up the auto follow-up tool from the settings screen. This tool sends automated reminders to your clients for upcoming appointment. You can disable this feature if you prefer to talk to your clients personally.

Best Features of Salon Objectives

Salon Objectives offers a full-featured profile builder for organizing client information. The app allows you to import your contact list and organize it in the profile section.

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This app offers an intuitive calendar system with unique timeline view. It integrates with the reminder tool to enable automatic follow-up via email and text messages.

One of the best features of Salon Objectives is the comprehensive financial reporting system. It allows you to generate regular financial reports so you can assess the profitability of your business. It offers rich data, expense and profit tracking, and visual graphs.

Another great feature of the app is the snapshot feature. It allows you to take ‘before and after’ photos of your clients. You can attach these snapshots on the profile page of your clients.

Salon Objectives


Pros and Cons


  • Offers client profile builder
  • Offers comprehensive financial reporting system
  • With unique appointment calendar
  • Offers automated follow-up
  • Supports contact list import
  • Offers auto cloud sync
  • Allows you to take ‘before and after’ photos
  • Completely free with no ads


  • Requires Internet connection

Final Thoughts

Salon Objectives is one of the best client management systems on the App Store. It offers feature-rich tools that make salon management easier. Most important of all, the app is free to use without restrictions. So if you are looking for a comprehensive client management tool, then this is a good app for you.


Salon Objectives

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