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Adwords and SEO Secrets app review: the definitive guide to search engine optimization



This app will teach you everything you need to know about search engine optimization. It is packed with hours of solid content including videos, reports, and insider tips. It offers an intelligently structured curriculum that walks you through basic SEO concepts, methodologies, advanced Adwords tools, case studies, and practical solutions to common optimization problems. Developed by the team of Docstoc.Com, this app is compatible with the latest models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Adwords and SEO Secrets


Making Profitable Websites by Learning Adwords and SEO Secrets

There are millions of websites on the web today but only a fraction of them are making money for their owners. If you own a business site and still struggling to make money out of it, then you are definitely missing something.

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The key to site profitability is web traffic. If more people can visit your web pages, you will surely earn more from sales, advertising, and residual income. This is the reason behind the development of Docstoc’s Adwords and SEO Secrets.

This app aims to teach website owners the essential steps to make their websites profitable through proven search engine optimization techniques. It is first and foremost an educational app loaded with hours of video content and insider reports. It covers both organic SEO and paid Adwords advertising.

The best part about this app is that it is available for free with no in-app purchase option. It comes with more than 30 videos featuring industry experts who will teach you the exact methods they used to dominate organic search ranking.

This is a no nonsense app. It offers no unnecessary embellishments or non-essential tools. When you load it, it will take you directly to the content pages and you can start watching the video lessons and interviews.

Best Features of Adwords and SEO Secrets

Adwords and SEO Secrets app offers smartly curated content consisting of more than 30 videos with hundreds of hours of interviews and tutorials. The videos are the core component of this app. You can watch these videos without leaving the app.

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This app offers five major chapters that cover SEO basics and advanced optimization techniques. It offers essential SEO training with Introduction to SEO and Tips and Optimization. Advanced chapters such as Advnaced SEO, Adwords 101, and Advanced Adwords will walk you through the proven techniques of online advertising, optimization secrets, Wordpress, backlink building, and more.

And lastly, this app offers an intuitive design that makes learning as easy as possible. The main content is easily accessible at the home screen. Each chapter is well-organized with good workflow and navigation. It offers distraction-free pages that optimize learning.

Adwords and SEO Secrets


Pros and Cons


  • Offers more than 30 video tutorials
  • Features known industry experts
  • With five content-packed chapters
  • Offers special reports, case studies, and interviews
  • Covers basic SEO to advanced search marketing
  • Easy to use with good navigation


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Adwords and SEO Secrets app offers hundreds of hours of solid video content. It will teach you everything you need to know about basic SEO, search engine marketing, and insider tips about traffic building and site monetization. If you want your website to earn money for you, then this app can help you in more ways than one.


Adwords and SEO Secrets

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