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Imaginext™ Batcave app review: offering exciting Batman games with free video



Imaginext Batcave app is the companion program of Fisher-Price’s real world Imaginext Batcave. The app allows augmented reality gaming as it integrates with the actual toy. The good news is that the app can be used as a standalone game program with three fun games and a video adventure featuring DC super friends. Developed by Fisher-Price, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Imaginext™ DC Super Friends™ Batcave


Help Batman Save the Bat Cave with Imaginext Batcave app.

The Imaginext Batcave real action figure is Fisher-Price’s latest toy for kids. It comes with this free app that can be used to play augmented reality games. Fortunately for those who don’t want to buy the real toy, the Imaginext app can stand on its own.

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The app is very simple with user-friendly controls. It actually targets young gamers from three to eight years old. The graphics are pretty decent but not exceptional. However, it offers good replay value as children will surely enjoy helping Batman save the bat cave from the naughty Joker.

You start Imaginext Batcave app by choosing any of the games listed on the home screen. There are a total of three games plus one episode of the Joker’s Playhouse.

Tapping any game icon takes you to the game board. So if you select the Surprise Pies mode, you will find yourself inside the bat cave. Your aim is to help Batman find the surprise pie. Take note that it is an exploding pie and if you can’t find it on time, the bat cave will be filled with messy pies.

Gameplay is very simple considering that this app targets a very young audience. Game controls are intuitive and easy to learn. All in all, this app offers decent games for very young children. It has good game graphics, soundtrack, and lots of replay value.

Best Features of Imaginext Batcave App

Imaginext Batcave app offers three games and one video. It allows you to play Surprise Pie, Stop the Joker Clowns, and Matching Activity. The games are simple and easy to play. It will probably take just a few minutes to complete any of the games.

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This app offers good graphics and nice soundtrack. It offers colorful gaming environment with cartoon-like graphics of heroes and villains. The app is responsive and offers intuitive in-game controls.

Perhaps one of the most attractive features of this app is the action video. The video features the Joker Playhouse. It allows you and your children to watch the classic Super Friends battle the evil Joker.

And lastly, the app integrates with Fisher-Price’s real world Imaginext toy. It allows augmented reality gameplay using special stickers.

Imaginext™ DC Super Friends™ Batcave


Pros and Cons


  • Offers decent graphics
  • Has an engaging soundtrack
  • Allows you to play three games
  • Has one episode of Joker’s Playhouse
  • Offers easy-to-use game controls.
  • Intuitive navigation and design
  • Can be used for augmented reality gameplay


  • Too simple for some gamers
  • Needs more game varieties

Final Thoughts

Imaginext Batcave app is a companion program of Fisher-Price’s real action figure toy with the same name. It can be used separately as a gaming app. It offers simple games, good graphics, and easy controls.


Imaginext™ DC Super Friends™ Batcave

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