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Build a Town app review: offering new twists to the city management genre



Build a Town is a simulation city management game that introduces some innovative gameplay to keep the genre more exciting. It allows you to assume the role of a village mayor who must develop his sleepy town into a bustling megalopolis. As mayor, you will face so many problems including budget management, fighting corruption, keeping the citizens happy, organizing events, and more. Developed by PlayStorm, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Build a Town: From village to megapolis


Become a Successful Mayor

Build a Town has an interesting storyline. It starts with a news flash that the town has elected a new Mayor, and it is you. As chief executive, you have one very important mission: to develop your backwater town into a prosperous and bustling metropolis.

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Unfortunately, you can’t just build haphazardly because there are so many other things that demand your full attention. Foremost of all is to curb corruption and fight crime to keep the citizenry happy and to increase the town’s coffers.

This is where Build a Town becomes a unique simulation city management game. There are new elements added to the game and it is mainly political: budget management, expanding your power base, hosting festivals, managing the territory, and more.

The game offers a new approach to the city management genre. It requires you to become an efficient political operator and at the same time learn proper city management.

Of course, a large part of Build a Town is inspired by typical city sims. You buy buildings and place them on ideal locations. You also have to ensure that your town has enough earnings for expansion. Most importantly, you have to keep the people happy and attract more tourists.

As the game progresses, management of the town becomes more complex. There will be controversies, accidents, downtown fires, and more. You have to solve them all so you can keep building.

Best Features of Build a Town

Build a Town is a free-to-play game. It offers seed money and points so you can jumpstart your development projects. It allows you to earn money as you build more industries. You can then use your resources to expand your projects.

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The game offers some innovative features to keep you busy. It allows you to organize special events such as farmers’ fairs and zombie parades. It also allows you to host exciting festivals and invite super heroes to entertain your citizens.

Build a Town adds a political flavor to the city management genre. It requires you to solve corruption to keep your post. It also uses different scenarios including fires, illnesses, and crimes to keep you on your toes.

Build a Town: From village to megapolis


Pros and Cons


  • Offers good artwork with comic book appeal
  • Allows you to solve political problems.
  • Dozens of buildings
  • Allows you to hire lawyers to buy new lands
  • Offers some varieties including festivals and parades
  • Allows you to earn money and points


  • Buildings get more expensive in higher levels
  • Building time is unusually slow

Final Thoughts

Build a Town offers a new approach to city management games. It allows you to do other activities including crime prevention, fighting fires, and running after corrupt officials. It is a decent game that promises to keep you engaged for many days.


Build a Town: From village to megapolis

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