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Big Megapolis Roulette Casino app review: offering Vegas style roulette simulator



Big Megapolis Roulette Casino is an entertaining roulette simulator game that offers a distinct Vegas ambiance. It offers stunning sound effects that will take you inside the online casino as it clearly captures the real sound of the spinning wheel which enhances the excitement of the game. Developed by Zagham Arshad, this slots game for iPhone and iPad is worth a look. 

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Big Megapolis Roulette Casino - Win Crazy City Jackpot Machine Games Pro


Enjoy an All-nighter with Big Megapolis Roulette Casino

Roulette is considered as one of the most glamorous casino games. It was popular during the 17th century, and it still is popular today. If you love to play this royal game but you don’t have the time to go to a real casino, then Big Megapolis Roulette Casino could be a good alternative.

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The app lets you play unlimited Roulette on your iOS device. It is a single player game only but it can offer a level of depth that will entertain you for hours.

Big Megapolis Roulette Casino is a full version free to play app with in-game advertisements. You have the option to remove the ads through in-app purchase.

When you open the app, you will be welcomed by a Vegas style ambiance and funky background music. Just tap the Play button to go to the Roulette room.

Megapolis Roulette uses the American table variation with two zeroes. The shiny wheel is at the left side of the screen while the chips, money balance, and game controls are grouped together at the bottom.

Tap-hold a chip and drag it to the table to make a bet. The app uses standard rules of betting for inside and outside bets. After placing your bet, tap the Spin button to spin the wheel.

The app automatically pays you when you win a round and takes your chips if you lose. It shows a sequence of the winning numbers on screen which could be useful if you are trying to guess number probability.

Enjoy an All-nighter with Big Megapolis Roulette Casino image

Best Features of Big Megapolis Roulette Casino

Big Megapolis Roulette Casino offers crisp and well-designed gaming graphics. It uses realistic sound effects that clearly capture the ambiance of a real Roulette table.

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This game uses American-table variation. It means that the odds are stacked against you by as much as 5.26%. The house has a clear advantage so you should bet wisely to conserve your chips and win more rounds.

Most standard bets are supported by this game including straights, splits, and corner. It also supports all outside bets such as color betting, odd-even, dozens, and others.

And lastly, this game supports leaderboard competition via the Game Center. You can check your global rankings and see if you belong to the elite club of high roller winners.

Best Features of Big Megapolis Roulette Casino image

Big Megapolis Roulette Casino - Win Crazy City Jackpot Machine Games Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to play
  • Offers good graphics and realistic sound effects
  • Supports global leaderboards
  • Uses standard Roulette rules
  • No betting limits


  • Pop-up ads
  • Limited inside betting

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Big Megapolis Roulette Casino uses a well-designed Roulette simulator. It offers a realistic Vegas ambiance with excellent sound effects and colorful graphics. It offers unlimited play and allows you to compete against other players around the world in the leaderboards. It's one of the best casino apps for playing slots,

Big Megapolis Roulette Casino - Win Crazy City Jackpot Machine Games Pro

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