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Zombie Farm 2 app review: offering a hilarious zombie-themed farming simulation



Are you tired of fighting mindless zombies with your superpower plants? With Zombie Farm 2, you can plant and grow zombies and let them eat the brains of other farmers. This game offers a hilarious twist to the popular farming simulation genre. It retains the key elements of farming games but the difference is that you can grow monstrous zombies. Developed by Behaviour Interactive, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Zombie Farm 2


Having Fun while Farming Zombies

Farming game apps offer lots of entertainment value but they can become too monotonous due to repetitive gameplay. This is why Behaviour Interactive’s Zombie Farm 2 is a welcome respite.

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Zombie Farm 2 combines the gameplay of Plants vs. Zombies and Farm Ville, two of the most popular simulation games today. It offers an entertaining twist to the genre by allowing you to plant zombie hordes.

In this game you are still a farmer doing typical farm work. You get a 2 x 3 plot at the start of the game where you will plant some real seeds of fruits and vegetables. Put into the mix some zombie seedlings and wait for them to grow. Wait several minutes for your minions to grow and harvest them immediately before they lose value.

You now have a zombie army that can defend your farm. The best part is that you can command your zombies to invade other land so they can eat the owner’s brains.

The game’s storyline can be a bit morbid, but it is part of the grand design of Behaviour Interactive. It is offering a refreshing take on farming simulations that have become too common and sometimes, too boring.

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Best Features of Zombie Farm 2

Zombie Farm 2 offers a new kind of gameplay for farming simulation. It allows you to farm zombies so you can use them as your ever-loyal minions.

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The game offers dozens of plant varieties and zombies. It also offers a new feature called mutation pot where you can experiment with different mixes of zombie flavors. It allows you to mix and match zombies so you can create a new monstrosity that can defend your farm and attack other farmers.

Zombie Farm 2 removes a feature called withering. In the previous version of the game, your plants could wither if you don’t harvest them on time. In this iteration, the withering was replaced by a point system. You get higher earnings by harvesting your zombies on time. Your profit significantly drops if you will neglect your crops.

And lastly, the game offers new artwork, backgrounds, and improved graphics. It now offers smoother and more responsive animations.

Best Features of Zombie Farm 2 image

Zombie Farm 2


Pros & Cons


  • Allows you to farm zombies
  • Offers a new feature called mutation pot
  • Allows you to mix different zombie properties
  • Offers in-game tutorial
  • With new artwork and backgrounds
  • Offers improved animation
  • Allows you to visit other farms and earn XP credits


  • No negative review

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Final Thoughts

Zombie Farm 2 is one of the best farming simulation games for iOS devices. It offers a new twist to the game by allowing you to farm and grow zombies. If you are getting tired of the usual farming games, then this app is perfect for you.

Zombie Farm 2

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