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Towers N' Trolls HD app review: offering a classic tower defense game



Towers N’ Trolls HD is a classic tower defense game that perfectly recreates a fantasy land where troll monsters roam the earth. It offers outstanding graphics that are both colorful and engaging. It also offers a level of depth that can match the gameplay of more popular tower defense games. Developed by Ember Entertainment, this game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Towers N' Trolls HD


A Gaming Paradise for Tower Defense Fans

If you are a loyal fan of the tower defense genre, then you will never go wrong with Towers N’ Trolls HD. That is because this game offers all the typical elements of tower defense: hordes of enemies attacking while you build powerful towers to defend your realm.

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Unfortunately, the game lacks a credible storyline that could explain why you have to unlock dozens of maps and venture through 11 different worlds. Nevertheless, Towers N’ Trolls HD still offers outstanding gameplay that will keep you occupied for many days.

The game takes you to a fantasy land that is being threatened by nasty trolls and monsters. When you start the first level, you will be taken to your realm which you must defend immediately. Spend a few seconds of hesitation and it spells a sure defeat for your forces because the hordes of trolls will be at your doorsteps in no time.

The best part is that the game offers simple controls. Tap a tower and drag it to any strategic place. You are given limited amount of resources to put up a decent defense of your land. So it is very important to carefully select the right towers that will prevent the troll hordes from advancing.

Best Features of Towers N’ Trolls HD

Towers N’ Trolls HD offers 65 challenging levels spread across 11 fantasy worlds. Each world offers a unique gaming environment, obstacles, and terrain. There are four game modes available for you: campaign, challenge, open mode, and endless journey.

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The campaign mode offers a basic storyline where you assume the role of a realm commander. Your mission is to defend the land against the troll army. In this mode, gameplay is pretty structured and you have to overcome one level to proceed to the next levels.

If you want to play without following the structured storyline, then you can choose the challenge and open modes. These are single campaign games where you try to defeat the trolls in single battles. To rack up points and resources, you should play the endless journey and repeat whatever level you have unlocked.

The game offers 10 different types of enemies from mindless trolls to ferocious giants. It allows you to use different towers including lightning bolt, catapult, and ice tower.

Towers N' Trolls HD


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive graphics and animation
  • 65 levels in 11 exciting worlds
  • 10 enemy units
  • Dozens of towers and special weapons
  • Engaging looping sounds
  • Random loot generator


  • Lacks an in-depth storyline
  • Needs to enlarge graphic elements for smaller screens

Final Thoughts

Towers N’ Trolls HD is a classic tower defense with excellent gameplay. It offers a rich collection of maps across different worlds. If you are a fan of tower defense games, then this is a good app for you.


Towers N' Trolls HD

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