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fitNshare app review: get social with your fitness goals



In today’s world social media has become such an integral part of our lives it’s hard to remember what they were like without it; that’s if you’re old enough to remember that far back! No matter what you’re into you can find a social media app that will fit your interests. There are the big ones like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest of course, but there’s also a whole host of social media apps that try to tap into the popularity of one niche or another. If you’re a fitness buff or if you want to become one then fitNshare may be just what you’re looking for. This is a great little app that provides a forum for those that consider fitness a big part of their lives to meet and congregate, and it has the look and feel that we’ve become so accustomed to in a social media app. The fitNshare is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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fitNshare: keep fitness journal, share workout music, browse sport and weight loss photos, and fill up on training motivation!


Share Your Fitness Goals

If your interest in fitness is more of a minor thing then this app may not be for you: fitNshare really is geared to people that live, breathe, eat, and sleep fitness. Anyone can use it of course, but if fitness isn’t your thing there really isn’t much point. If you’re wondering why you need a dedicated social media app for fitness it’s simple: trying to get others to encourage and participate in your quest for fitness on Facebook or Twitter is likely to have limited success. The people you interact with on these other social media sites might be your lifelong friends or family members, but that doesn’t mean they are in sync with your current lifestyle. The people using fitNshare have exactly the same type of goals as you, so there’s a much better chance that you’ll be encouraged on his site to continue on the path to fitness.   

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There isn’t a lot to criticize about this app. There are ads in the feed but this is true of other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter as well. The only real problem I found was that there doesn’t seem to be a ton of users on board with the app yet since the feeds seemed to be full of the same people posting over, and over again. This may be more of an issue with their programming than lack of users, but it’s definitely something that needs to be looked at. The app will require 23.8 MB of available space on your iOS device. 

How it Works

When you open fitNshare app you’ll notice four main categories at the top of the app: trending, featured, nearby, and new. You can access any one of these with one tap, or you can tap on anyone of the other categories in the main window: there’s lots of choice. Each section features a feed like in a lot of other social media apps, but in this one the pictures are the focal point taking up most of the page so if you’re shy you’ll have to learn to get over it! You can leave a comment on any picture in the feed, you can favorite it, and you can follow the person that posted the picture as well if you like.

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Along the bottom of the fitNshare app you’ll find other navigation tabs, discover will always take you back to the main page, feed takes you to the apps main feed, add lets you place your own posts, notifications is where you’ll find any important messages from the developers, and the more section simply links to a section where you can rate the app or contact the developer to ask questions. Basically there’s everything here you’d expect to find in a social media app, but it’s all geared towards the fitness enthusiast.

fitNshare: keep fitness journal, share workout music, browse sport and weight loss photos, and fill up on training motivation!


Pros and Cons


  • Familiar social media-style interface
  • Connects you with like-minded individuals that love fitness too
  • Many different sections for different tastes
  • Includes the ability to leave comments, favorite posts, and follow other users


  • Feeds seem to be populated by the same few people continuously 

Final Words

If you have a strong interest in fitness and you want to become involved with like-minded individuals you may want to check fitNshare out. This is a social media app similar to Facebook and Twitter, but exclusively for the fitness enthusiast. This one’s definitely worth checking out. 


fitNshare: keep fitness journal, share workout music, browse sport and weight loss photos, and fill up on training motivation!

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