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Dienstag app review: create sophisticated schedules with ease



If you’ve ever created a schedule the old-fashioned way with pencil and paper you’ll know what a frustrating process that can be. Especially if you have to make changes after the schedules made up because someone needs a day off or has a doctor’s appointment, your schedule can get smudged up nicely by the time you’re done. Dienstag is an app developed by Codeon GmbH that can bring your scheduling into the 21st century. This is an easy-to-use scheduling app with a complete list of features: whatever the reason is that someone needs be off, they’ve got you covered. Dienstag app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $19.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Dienstag - schedule your team I Shift Planer I Employee Scheduling I Roster Calendar


Scheduling Made Easy

Dienstag has a lot of competition in the scheduling category and some of these apps are completely free. That begs the question why would you want to pay $19.99 for an app when you can get another one that does basically the same thing for free? The answer to that is that none of the other scheduling apps that I’ve come across has the wide range of features and user-friendly interface that you’ll find in Dienstag. The price may be a little on the high side, but it’s a one-time fee for an app that can you’re your life a whole lot easier.

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One of the nicest things about this app is that it has an extensive help section which features explanations of every function of the app, and it also has a video tutorial as well. It’s surprising how many developers forget to include something like this; it’s just common sense that making your apps user’s life easier is good for business. Another great feature of this app is the use of graphical icons to represent different reasons for days off: it makes it easy to see at a glance why someone’s off and when. Dienstag app will require 3.9 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

The interface for this app is nicely laid out: it features a calendar on the right side and a tools and navigation menu on the left. Everything is color coordinated and fully customizable, which makes using this app a breeze. If you want to see only weeks that you have employees scheduled to work you can tap on the eye icon at the bottom of the app to change the view. If you need help with anything you can access the apps help menu at any time by tapping on the question mark icon in the bottom left corner.

On the navigation menu there are three main categories: Persons, Shifts, and Absences. Adding an item to any of these lists is easy; you just tap on the plus sign in the top right corner of the section and fill in the sections. When you add an employee to the schedule you have the option of using an image from your photo gallery if you want to put a face with the name. This app actually makes scheduling a little less mundane.

Dienstag - schedule your team I Shift Planer I Employee Scheduling I Roster Calendar


Pros and Cons


  • Friendly layout
  • Items are color-coordinated
  • Excellent help section
  • Uses graphic icons to represent different reasons for days off


  • This app cost $19.99

Final Words

Dienstag is an excellent scheduling app for your iPhone or iPad. It features a user-friendly layout that’s pleasing on the eye, and easy to operate. If you want to take the frustration out of scheduling this one’s a must-have. 


Dienstag - schedule your team I Shift Planer I Employee Scheduling I Roster Calendar

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