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Tiny Farm: Season2 app review: offering a new approach to farming simulation 2021



Tiny Farm: Season2 is another good farm games app for iPhone gamers that faithfully adheres to the basic concept of the genre. In this game, you are given a piece of land and you must develop it by planting crops and raising animals.

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What makes this iPhone farm games app unique, is that it allows you to mix and match different animal breeds so you can create new kinds of farm animals with lively colors and physical features.

Developed by Com2us USA, this farm games app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Let's examine further in our Tiny Farm: Season2 app review to see if this is the best farm game.

Tiny Farm: Season3


Becoming a Master Farmer Can be Fun

Tiny Farm: Season2 is a relatively newcomer to the hugely popular farming simulation genre. You might be wondering what the game has to offer when there are dozens of other farming games out there.

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First of all, you need to see and hear the app so you can fully appreciate it. If there is a cuteness rating for mobile games, then this game deserves five stars. It features tiny cartoony animals that look more like avatar stickers. They are colorful, they’ll smile at you, and they demand your full attention.

Complementing the awesome graphics is the impressive background music. It is refreshing, funky, and fun. The equally amazing sound effects also add more charm to the game as farm animals create swoony sounds when you feed them.

Tiny Farm: Season2 follows a gameplay that is already familiar with farming gamers but there are a few little tweaks to the game that makes it unique; for example, you can learn how to mix different breeds to create more lovable farm animals. You can also hire a Ranger to hunt legendary animal breeds.

Most importantly, the game retains the social character of farming simulation. You can visit other farms and make new friends from the Game Center. You might need the help of friends when you try to complete difficult missions later in the game.

Becoming a Master Farmer Can be Fun image

Best Features of Tiny Farm: Season2

Tiny Farm: Season2 offers dozens of colorful and lovable animals. It allows you to nurture blue cows, pink chicken, purple sheep, and many more.

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The game offers a unique feature called breeding system. It allows you to discover special animals through mixed breeding. You can make your animals happy by putting them in the breeding pen.

Tiny Farm allows you to plant dozens of crops including potatoes, beans, and alfalfa. You can sell these crops to earn money. The game also allows you to decorate your farm with flowers, statues, bushes, and fences.

And lastly, this game offers you the chance to hunt special types of animals. It allows you to hire a Ranger who will do the dirty job for you.

Best Features of Tiny Farm: Season2 image

Tiny Farm: Season3


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive graphics and sound effects
  • Allows you to discover special animals through breeding
  • Offers dozens of cash crops
  • Allows you to decorate your farm
  • Offers dozens of colorful animals
  • Supports Game Center


  • Buildings get more expensive at later levels
  • Takes a lot of time to create new items

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Tiny Farm: Season2 is one of the best-designed farming games for mobile devices. It offers superior graphics, excellent sound effects, and exciting gameplay. This is a must-have game for fans of farming simulation.

Tiny Farm: Season3

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