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Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes app review: helping guys get healthy



Okay guys if you're looking to get healthy then proper exercise is necessary but so is proper nutrition. The Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been specially created for men as a way to provide them with meal ideas. You'll find all the recipes to be simple and easy to follow. There is nothing overly fancy or advanced here but it takes all the pressure off of you from having to come up with ideas.

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Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes


A Source of Healthy Eating Ideas

Just because you know the general foods to pick if you want to eat healthy doesn’t mean you know how to create dishes and meals out of them. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same tired old recipes just because you don’t know any different. The Fit Men Cook app is meant to get you out of that rut and start introducing you to all kinds of great ideas and mouth-watering combinations so that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. One of the biggest complaints about healthy eating is that it can be pretty expensive. This app strives to provide recipes that are not only easy to cook but are also extremely cost-effective so that price isn't an issue.

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This is a brand-new release that requires iOS 7.0 or later to use and currently has a perfect five star rating from users. Customers have called it awesome, the recipes are insanely delicious, and that it saves people time from having to look for these ideas on their own. Of course another bonus is that it is made specifically for guys so it appeals to the type of nutrition they need making it more customized. Because this is a new release there are no updates as of yet.

Using the App

Although the Fit Men Cook app is relatively simple that shouldn't be confused for low on features. This one actually has a number of tools that can help with your meal preparation. First off all recipes are scaleable so whether you are cooking for one or a group the recipe can be adjusted. The app puts the focus on preparation by encouraging users to plan a few days in advance so you can buy all your ingredients in bulk and save money. The recipes feature video instructions so you aren't overwhelmed, and you can create a grocery list within the app just to name a few of the features.

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Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes


Pros and Cons


  • The app is very user-friendly
  • The recipes feature video instructions
  • The recipes have been created to be cost-effective
  • They are created to meet the specific nutritional needs of men
  • The app is loaded with features and tools


  • Users would like to see even more recipes added since it is such a solid offering

Final Thoughts

The Fit Men Cook app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can literally change the way you go about grocery shopping, cooking, and eating through a selection of user-friendly tools and a tasty selection of recipes.


Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes

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