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Battleship: The Tactical Game app review - a new twist on the classic game of battleship for iOS



Battleship: The Tactical Game by Pap Zoltan is a new twist on an old classic. If you enjoyed playing the game of Battleship as a kid then this one will definitely appeal to you. In this version your battleships are presented as pencil drawings on paper, giving the app a fun look and feel. It still features the same level of strategic thinking you’re used to in a game of battleship: it’s just presented in a fresh new way. It’s actually a fun game that will appeal to the older generation and the younger generation alike. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Battleship: The Tactical Game (Tournament Edition)


Play a Fun Battleship Inspired Game on Your iPhone or iPad

Most of us grew up on board games, generally reserved for a rainy day or a Saturday evening with the family. These types of games bring back a lot of fond memories of our youth and never seem to truly lose their appeal. Battleship: The Tactical Game is a modern day remake of one of these classic board games only this time it’s been recreated as a pencil drawn game on graph paper that we were used to using in school. The battleships are simply shaded in blocks on the paper: it’s a nice little touch that gives the app a down-to-earth feel.

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While I really do like the graphics in this one it does have banner ads along the bottom of the screen that you’ll have to contend with. They don’t really interfere with the play though and the attention to detail makes up for this minor inconvenience. The graph paper is set inside a school book that’s sitting on a wooden desk, and there are children’s doodles in the corner of each page. To top it off the game is accompanied by a sort of mischievous sound track that sort of gives you the feeling that somebody’s up to something. It’s a lot of fun. This app will require 41.2 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

The main screen of this app is divided in two: the sheet of paper on the left is your battleship board, and the sheet on the right is the computer's board. At the beginning of each game you drag your battleships from the bottom of your paper on to your board and you can place them wherever you like and the computer will do the same thing on its side. Once the board's set up you’ll see a bunch of bombs along the right side of the computers board: you then have to drag these bombs on to the computers board to where you think it might be hiding his battleships.

As you score hits you’ll be able to guess at where the computer ships are hiding and you can concentrate your bombs in those areas for the next round. If you sink all of the computers ships before it sinks yours you win.  If you’ve played Battleship before there won’t be any surprises here just a lot of fun.

Battleship: The Tactical Game (Tournament Edition)


Pros and Cons


  • Features pencil-drawn graphics
  • Great attention to detail with kids doodles in the corners of pages
  • Fun soundtrack


  • Includes banner ads

Final Words

If you love playing a classic board game from time to time, Battleship: The Tactical Game is one you’ll definitely want to check out. This game brings the classic game of Battleship to your iPhone or iPad with cool pencil drawn graphics that are a lot of fun. It’s a great game for a rainy day. 


Battleship: The Tactical Game (Tournament Edition)

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