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Petally app review: build your flower shop empire



Petally by Superpea Ltd. Is a fun game for the kids. In this one you’re trying to build a flower shop empire and you’ve just bought your first flower farm to get you started. The problem is you’ve spent most of your money on buying the farm and you don’t have a lot left over to start growing the flowers you’ll need to make your business a success. It’s a great premise for a kid’s game, but unfortunately it’s just not as much fun as it sounds. Petally is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Petally - The Online Flower Shop Game


Build Your Flower Empire

Games that allow you to move freely around a virtual world are pretty popular in the App Store and this game is definitely in that vain. This type of game was first made popular with one of the many incarnations of the Super Mario franchise in the 1990’s so it’s nothing new, but it still has a lot of appeal. It’s fun to explore a virtual world and find out what might be lying around each corner and Petally certainly has a fair bit of detail in its virtual scenes. While I wouldn’t say the graphics are stunning, they’re pretty decent.

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The biggest problem I found with this app is that the controls don’t always respond as you would like them to. Sometimes it’s hard to get your character turned around or get it moving as fast as you might like. On the plus side there is a well-developed plot in this game with a background story that continues to grow as you advance through the game. With a little patience and effort your flower empire will start to build itself. The Petally app will require 51.9 MB of available space on your OS device.

The Essentials

This game begins with your character, a young lady who just purchased a flower farm, trying to get her flower shop started. At first you’ll have to move around the farm collecting wild flowers that you can use to make bouquets to sell in your shop. The more bouquets you sell, the more money you’ll make to expand your shop. Once you’ve made enough money you can purchase seeds to begin growing your own flowers and increase your business still further. You have to remember to water your flowers though or they won’t grow. As you continue to make more flower bouquets you’ll be able to purchase more features which will hope you grow your business still further.  Each level introduces something new to keep things interesting.

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What’s great about this app is the attention to detail. Your shop includes a back counter for making your bouquets, there’s a seed bank to purchase seeds from, your farm has a compost heap, and you even have your own mailbox. As you grow your empire still further you can even purchase neighbouring farms in a bid to expand. There’s a whole world inside this app. 

Petally - The Online Flower Shop Game


Pros and Cons


  • Includes a complete virtual world
  • Each level unlocks new features


  • The character is awkward to move

Final Words

Petally is a fun little app for the kids that lets them build their own flower empire. It features a complete virtual world that continues to grow and change as you do. Moving the character around the virtual world may be a little awkward, but this one’s still a lot of fun. 


Petally - The Online Flower Shop Game

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