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Voca app review: offering cheap international call service with free messaging



Voca is a VoIP service that offers cheap international call rates to more than 250 locations across the world. It allows you to make voice calls to landlines and mobile numbers. It offers free Voca-to-Voca calls with integrated instant messaging and group messaging. It allows users to send photos, videos, and voice memos to other Voca users. Developed by New Age Service Provider, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Voca - Calls & Messaging


Enjoy the Lowest Rates with Voca Call Services

Voca is a typical VoIP service that allows you to call mobile phones and landlines. What makes this app unique is its transparent pricing system and low-cost international call rates. Like most VoIP services, you need the app to connect to the internet to make a call.

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The app is available on the App Store for free but you have to buy credits through in-app purchase so you can start making international calls to landlines and mobile phones.

Voca displays your available credits in terms of available minutes. Of course, each call location has different calling rates. The best part is that the app allows you to see the available minutes before you make the call.

The app offers free services for Voca to Voca calls. Just add your friends to your Voca contact list so you can call them anytime as long as you have internet connection. Free call services between Voca users come with extra features. For example, you can send text messages to your contacts for free. You can also attach multimedia messages including video clips, audio, photos, and documents.

The app allows you to organize your contacts into groups. You can then send group text messages to select friends and enjoy unlimited group messaging.

Best Features of Voca Call Service

Voca offers highly competitive rates for its international call services. It offers cheap voice calls to more than 250 locations across the world. The app allows you to make international and local calls to landlines and mobile phones.

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The app offers transparent pricing for its international call services. It allows you to buy in-app credits so you can convert them into call minutes. It displays the available call minutes before you start dialing a number.

Voca offers free unlimited voice calls between users. It allows you to call other Voca users without restrictions as long as you have stable internet connection.

The app also offers an integrated instant messaging service with multimedia supports. It allows you to attach videos, photos, and audio clips to your instant messages.

And lastly, Voca allows you to create groups so you can enjoy group messaging. It offers unlimited group messaging via the Voca chat platform.

Voca - Calls & Messaging


Pros and Cons


  • Offers cheap and competitive international call rates.
  • Offers transparent pricing schemes.
  • Allows you to call landlines and mobile phones.
  • Covers more than 250 locations around the world.
  • Offers free app-to-app voice calls and group messaging.
  • With easy to use call facility.


  • Does not support video calling.

Final Thoughts

Voca offers cheap international call service via VoIP. It allows you to make international calls to landlines and mobile phones. The app supports free group messaging and voice calls between Voca users.


Voca - Calls & Messaging

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