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Knock-Knock Game app review: a creepy survival horror game



Knock-Knock Game offers a survival horror story game full of creepiness and suspense. The aim of the game is to survive the night while you keep your sanity by prowling through the shadow-laden rooms and eerie forests. Gameplay is simple but the suspense factor makes this game truly enjoyable. Developed by Ice-Pick Lodge, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Knock-Knock Game


Knock-Knock Game Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat

Knock-Knock Game is set in a decrepit cabin located in the middle of an eerie forest. The cabin is owned by the Lodgers for many generations. A young lodger is now residing in the cabin and he discovers that murderous supernatural elements are haunting his abode. This is basically the storyline of the game and it provides a good context for the horror adventure of the lodger.

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As a survival horror game, Knock-Knock offers a level of creepiness that will keep you on the edge of you seat. The artwork is impressive, dark, and eerie. Gameplay is simple but it gets more challenging as you advance through different levels.

The main objective of the game is to survive the night by avoiding the clutches of murderous creatures. You can do this by hiding inside closets, fixing the cabin lights, repairing walls and windows, and venturing into the forest to discover clues.

Fortunately, the game is easy to control. You tap the character and swipe him in any direction you want to go. You can climb up the stairs by swiping up the screen. You can tap a door to open it. The controls are intuitive and it will take just a little time to master them.

The background music and sound effects enhance the fear factor of the game. As you run from one room to the next, you will hear babies crying in the background; there are muted footsteps upstairs; and creaking windows and doors occasionally pierce the silence of the night.

Best Features of Knock-Knock Game

Knock-Knock Game offers a solid storyline that brings context to this horror adventure. Tidbits of information about the cabin and its history are slowly revealed in each level.

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The game offers on screen text instructions. It tells what you need to do when you encounter a creepy creature. It also displays subtitles so you can understand the murmurs of your character.

Knock-Knock offers different challenging levels. As you advance through the game, each level becomes more difficult and creepier. Gameplay however remains the same. You have to survive the night by keeping the cabin in good order.

And lastly, the game offers impressive artwork similar to graphic novels. The design is dark but crisp and clearly visible. It also offers hair-raising sound effects that keep the game exciting.

Knock-Knock Game


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a good storyline.
  • Offers easy touch control.
  • Allows you to discover hidden clues.
  • Offers impressive artwork.
  • With eerie soundtrack and sound effects.
  • Offers progressive levels.
  • Supports external controller.


  • Gameplay becomes repetitive.
  • Needs in-game tutorial.

Final Thoughts

Knock-Knock Game is one of the best horror survival games on the App Store. It offers a decent storyline, amazing artwork, and eerie gaming interface. If you love the horror game genre, then this is the right app for you.


Knock-Knock Game

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