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The Room Two app review: award-winning puzzler game with impressive 3D graphics



The Room Two is the much-awaited sequel to the highly acclaimed original game, The Room. This version offers enhanced 3D gaming environment but retains the classic quality of the original. It offers new puzzles to solve and the gameplay has become more difficult. It also offers haunting audio and dark artwork that will keep you engaged for many hours. Developed by Fireproof Games, this app requires the latest models of iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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The Room Two


Explore New Mysteries in The Room Two

When Fireproof Games introduced The Room in 2012, it quickly became one of the most popular puzzle games to ever hit the App Store. The franchise eventually earned accolades and won Apple’s Game of the Year Award.

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Then, here comes The Room Two, a worthy sequel that takes off from the original storyline. Fireproof Games kept the original key elements of the game intact. In this version, you are still stuck inside a devious room where you solve puzzles after puzzles to unlock mysteries.

One notable thing about this version is that it now allows you to create three separate profiles. This means you can pass the game to a friend and he can start a new round without resetting your own game.

More importantly, The Room Two offers completely upgraded game graphics suitable for Retina display. The artwork is still fabulous while the 3D engine remains responsive. Due to the high impact quality of the game, it requires the latest iOS models. You might suffer some gaming issues if you install this game in older devices.

The Room Two now features multi-layered puzzles that need to be unlocked. There are also new clues that could help speed up the game. This version still uses touch control and supports smart gestures. Basic controls include tap, swipe, pinch, rotate, flick, and drag and drop.

Best Feature of The Room Two

The Room Two offers impressive 3D graphics and realistic gaming environment. It uses the latest graphics engine to provide you with enhanced viewing experience. The game retains the haunting soundtrack of the original but the sound effects are more real.

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The game offers a comprehensive tutorial. It walks you through the basic controls, objectives, and storyline. The tutorial starts when you load the game. However, you can skip it if you are already familiar with The Room.

One of the best additions to the game is the new profile system. The game allows you to create three separate user profiles. It allows you to use the extra profiles to start a new game without erasing your previous levels or achievements.

And lastly, The Room Two now offers more engaging puzzles. It offers clues that will help you unlock more mysteries.

The Room Two


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive 3D graphics.
  • Offers haunting background music.
  • With realistic gaming environment.
  • Offers more challenging puzzles.
  • Allows you to create extra user profiles.
  • With in-game tutorial.


  • The storyline is too short.
  • Does not work in older iOS devices.

Final Thoughts

The Room Two is an impressive puzzle game that offers impressive 3D gaming environment. It offers new challenging puzzles, exciting audio and easy touch control. If you are looking for a good puzzler game, then this is the perfect app for you.


The Room Two

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