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Creative Mind app review: an innovative app for artistic collaboration via multipeer connectivity



Creative Mind by Kristopher Woodall is an innovative new artist app that lets you create amazing artistic creations by yourself or in collaboration with others. There’s no need to have access to a data network or Wi-Fi, all you need is a group of people on iPads that connect to each other using Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity framework. Essentially this means that two devices can connect to each other without the help of a traditional internet connection.

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There aren’t too many apps using this technology although it’s built into the framework of iOS, so this is a definite plus for this app. Imagine being at a corporate retreat in the middle of nowhere with no internet connection and still being able to swap ideas over your iPads – it’s a potential game changer. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPad.

Creative Mind


Create Your Own Art

If you’re looking for a good art app there are a lot of options for the iPad and they vary greatly in price – there are also a lot of great free drawing apps – so an app needs to be a little special to have any kind of chance at success in this category. Creative Mind is an app that has all the standard features you’d expect to find in a good drawing app as well as some key features that help to take it to that next level like the use of Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity framework that we mentioned above. This might not be that useful if you’re a bit of a solo artist, but if you work in a teamwork based collaborative environment, this is the perfect app for you.

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This app isn’t without its drawbacks though. There are banner ads at the bottom of the page in the free version, although at least there aren’t any popup ads which are generally a little more distracting. The other minor issue with this one is the interface – it’s not the most user friendly. There’s no quick introduction or even an obvious link to a help section – although it is there. You have to explore your way around the app first to see how everything works. However, once you do find it the user manual is actually quite comprehensive.  This app will require at least 33.9 MB of available space on your iPad.

Create Your Own Art image

Getting Started

When you open up the Creative Mind app you’ll see a black board with previews of any projects you’ve already saved. If you’re running the app for the first time you simply tap on the plus sign to get started with your first project. There are dozens of different brush types to choose from and you can control the thickness of the brush stroke as well. Another great feature is the ability to add your own colors – using the built in color spectrum you can create subtle changes in colors which you can save as your own custom colors for use later.

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While this app has all the standard features you’d expect from a drawing app, it‘s the ability to connect with other collaborators using Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity framework that really sets this app apart. Unfortunately, this option is not available in the free version – to access it you’ll have to purchase it in an upgrade from the App Store which will also remove the ads.

Getting Started image

Creative Mind


Pros and Cons


  • Includes all the major tools you’d expect to find in a drawing app
  • You can create your own custom colors
  • Comprehensive Users Guide


  • Collaborative mode is only available through in-app purchase
  • Includes banner ads
  • No introduction

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Creative Mind is an innovative art application for the iPad. It includes all the major tools you’d expect to find in an app of this kind, but it also includes the ability to share and collaborate on projects using Apple’s Mutipeer Connectivity framework without any kind of Wi-Fi or data connection. Unfortunately this functionality is not available in the free version – to access it you’ll have to take advantage of an in-app purchase to unlock the full version. 

Creative Mind

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