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Tripwolf app review: interactive travel guides for various global destinations



Tripwolf by tripwolf is one of the top rated travel guides app available for the iPhone or iPad. With hundreds of travel guides available to choose from in dozens of different countries, there’s a good chance you’ll find one for the next city you’re planning to visit. If you want to have a good time on your visit then it pays to be prepared. And, this app will definitely help you get there. With all the extra features this app includes, it’s a great tool to help take the stress out of traveling to a new location no matter where you’re planning on visiting next. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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tripwolf - Travel Guide & Offline Map


A Comprehensive Travel Guide App

Most of us have us have aspirations to travel to new and exotic places at some time in our lives and it pays to be prepared. The App Store is full of apps that can help you along the way, whether you’re looking for the best place to stay, the best place to eat, or an overview of all the best attractions to visit. We’re all familiar with apps like Expedia, Kayak, and Foursquare – these are great apps to assist you on your travels, but they don’t do all of the things you can do with Tripwolf. This app provides comprehensive guides to any city as well as reviews and opinions of other users that have visited the same cities.

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Probably the biggest disappointment with this app is that it’s not really free. Access to the app is free, but you have to pay to download guides for most cities. I was able to access a basic guide for a nearby city for free, but it took quite a while to load. The cost to download guides for most major cities is $4.99 and can be done with an in-app purchase, and the guides are excellent. You can find some great things to do in a city with an app like Foursquare, but you won’t have access to the complete cross section of information that you’ll find in Tripwolf. The other great thing about Tripwolf is that it works offline as well. Once you’ve downloaded you’re city guide it doesn’t matter if you’ve got an internet connection or not. This app will require 69.5 MB of available space on your IOS device. 

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The Essentials

You can search Tripwolf by cities, regions, or countries – or you can filter by everything. Each guide contains extensive information on everything you can do in your city of choice, from the best restaurants to the famous attractions. If you’re not sure about somewhere you’re considering adding to your itinerary, you can read reviews left by other users to help make your decision easier. You can also leave your own reviews. This works even if you’re offline – you just write your review and then sync the app once you’re in range of an internet connection and your review will be added to the app. You will have to set up a profile and log in before using this feature.

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Apart from all the standard things you would expect to find in a travel guide app, Tripwolf also offers an augmented reality feature. If you’re using the app in this mode you can simply look through your devices camera and see nearby attractions highlighted and how far you are from their location. It’s pretty cool.

The Essentials image

tripwolf - Travel Guide & Offline Map


Pros and Cons


  • Hundreds of travel guides available
  • Travel guides work offline
  • You can leave your own reviews of an attraction even when you’re offline
  • Includes an augment reality feature to find nearby attractions


  • Guides take a while to load
  • Most guides are not free

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’re planning on doing some traveling and you want to be sure to hit all the best attractions then you’ll definitely want to consider Tripwolf. This is an excellent travel guide app with tons of great features to help make your travel experience a good one. The app is free although the guides for most cities do require an in-app purchase. 

tripwolf - Travel Guide & Offline Map

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