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TimeXfit app review: an interval fitness timer, workout builder, and trainer rolled into one 2021



TimeXfit by Volodymyr Shostakovych is one of the most complete set of fitness tools you’ll find in the App Store. This interval timer app combines numerous different fitness tools to help you achieve your own fitness goals whatever they may be. You really won’t need any other workout apps when you have TimeXfit.

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In the past you might have one interval fitness app that helped you to time your workouts, another app to track your achievements, and another one to provide you with actual workouts – now you don’t have to worry about switching from one interval training app to another while in the middle of a workout.

The TimeXfit app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $2.99 and this quasi crossfit app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

TimeXFit - fitness assistant, gym timer, virtual coach, bodyweight training


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

The only thing this app doesn’t do is let you create music playlists for your workouts, but it does a great job of everything else and I think most of us are pretty comfortable with creating an iTunes playlist for our workouts.

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The best part about the workouts that are provided in this app is that you don’t need a gym membership or any home equipment to achieve great results – all of the workouts can be done without any equipment at all.

If you’ve got some workout clothes and a pair of running shoes that’s all you’ll need to get in shape with the help of this app.

There are no ads or in-app purchases in the TimeXfit app – all of the professional workouts they provide are included in the initial price of the download which is a great value.

The other great thing about this app is excellent help section it comes with. If you’ve got any questions you’ll likely find the answers in the help section which can be accessed from the main menu. This app will require 103 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals image

The Essentials

When you run TimeXfit it will default to a section called My Trainings, which contains a list of the workouts you’ve used in the app so far. In the top left corner is the main menu icon which is what you’ll use to navigate your way around the app.

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Here you’ll find all the different tools that are available to you in the app – apart from the MY Trainings section, there’s a tool for adding workouts, a Pro-Workouts section, and a Stop Watch tool for timing your workouts.

One of the best features of this app has got to be the Pro-Workouts section. This section includes workouts to help you focus on just about any body part so you can concentrate on your trouble areas, and each section contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts as well.

To top it all off every individual exercise contains a short video tutorial to demonstrate the exercise. With TimeXfit app there are no excuses – it’s simply down to your own motivation levels. 

The Essentials image

TimeXFit - fitness assistant, gym timer, virtual coach, bodyweight training


Pros and Cons


  • Complete set of workout tools
  • Includes pro-workouts that don’t need any special equipment
  • Each workout exercise includes a short video tutorial
  • Includes a stop watch timer for your workouts
  • Can add your own workouts


  • This is a paid app at a cost of $2.99

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you’ve been looking for the perfect workout companion app then TimeXfit definitely fits the bill. This app contains a complete set of tools for any fitness level. If you’re serious about getting in shape then this app is a great place to start. 

TimeXFit - fitness assistant, gym timer, virtual coach, bodyweight training

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