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GoFit - Virtual gym for photos app review: a photo touch up app exclusively for men



GoFit – Virtual gym by Kasaba Bilgi Teknolojileri Ticaret A.S. is an app for helping men make the most out of their selfies. In a world where our appearance can give you the edge in so many walks of life, it pays to have every advantage we can find. There are plenty of apps out there that are designed to help the ladies enhance their appearance through various different tricks, but there aren’t a lot of apps designed specifically to help men enhance their appearance.

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With GoFit – Virtual gym men now have an app that can help them enhance their appearance with tools that have men in mind. This app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $2.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

GOFIT - Body and Selfie Photo Editor


Enhance Your Pictures to Create the Perfect Look for Men

Apps designed to enhance the selfies of women may include tools that can adjust the look of makeup of enhance various other features specifically with women in mind. GoFit – Virtual gym specifically target problem areas that men commonly have so that they can put their best foot forward. There aren’t very many other apps like this designed specifically for men, and GoFit – Virtual gym has a ton of different tools that most men will find very helpful.

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While you don’t have to worry about any ads in this app there are in-app purchases, although most tools are included in the free version. There are no instructions or any tutorials to get you started with this iPhone selfies app so you’ll have to have to learn how it works by trial and error – it’s not an overly difficult app to use but a few pointers would be a good idea to help improve the app. This app will require 40.9 MB of available space on your IOS device.

Enhance Your Pictures to Create the Perfect Look for Men image

The Essentials

GoFit – Virtual gym has quite a few editing photo editing tools to help you to enhance your appearance. There are tools that will help enhance your muscle size, slim out your appearance, hide your beer belly, and there’s even a tool to rework your nose. All of the types of things that men generally would like to change about their appearance are included in this app. The only thing it really doesn’t do is help to hide those grey hairs on your head or in your beard, but with all the other enhancements you can make that may not be that noticeable.

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It’s simple to save your image as well or share it on Facebook or Twitter if you’d like to impress your friends with your new look. All you have to do is tap on share on the bottom menu. This menu is also where you’ll find tools to add a new photo to work on, edit a photo you’ve already touched up, or contact the developer with any questions you might have. 

The Essentials image

GOFIT - Body and Selfie Photo Editor


Pros and Cons


  • Includes photo touch up tools specifically targeted at men
  • Save images or share them on social media
  • No ads


  • Includes in-app purchases
  • No instructions

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

GoFit – Virtual gym is one of the few photo enhancement apps specifically designed for men. With this app you can give yourself bigger muscles or get rid of that pesky beer belly. If you want to create the selfie that will help you get ahead, or just for fun, this may be just the app you’ve been looking for. 

GOFIT - Body and Selfie Photo Editor

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