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Mad Drift app review: drift your car around the boulders and stay alive



Mad Drift by Jai Rangwani is a game that doesn’t fit neatly in any well-known gaming category. This app does include cars, but it’s not a racing game in the traditional sense. In Mad Drift you’re not racing against any opponent. You’re simply trying to navigate a muscle car around boulders trying to stay alive because your brakes have failed.

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If you’re familiar with the term "drifting" then you’ll get the idea of this one. It’s all about timing your turns just right. It’s a fast paced and addictive car game that will have you hanging on by the seat of your pants. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Mad Drift


Fast Paced Drifting Fun

When you’re looking for an app that focuses on cars you’re usually expecting fast paced action that will challenge you at every turn and Mad Drift doesn’t disappoint. This game features treacherous turns that will keep you thinking on your toes every step of the way. The action is nonstop and highly entertaining. It’s also got pretty decent graphics and a catchy soundtrack that will get you in the mood to tackle those tight turns. This is the type of simple, little, addictive game you’ll want to steal a few minutes for whenever you have a time.

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There are some ads in this game, but they’re small banner ads located at the bottom of the app that you’ll barely notice. You can get rid of them with an in-app purchase if you like, but it’s probably not necessary. On the positive side Mad Drift does have Game Center integration, allowing you to compare your scores to other players around the world and your friends as well. This app will require 77.8 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

The objective of Mad Drift is pretty simple – you have to keep your car moving forward all the time while attempting to avoid the boulders that constantly cross your path. To steer you’re car you swipe let to move left and right to move right. It’s kind of like trying to steer through snow so getting the hang of when to turn and for how long takes a little practice.  As you progress through the course you’ll leave tire marks behind and it’s these little details that really make this one a lot of fun.

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Every time you complete a game, the app records your score and compares it against your previous best score. If your current score is higher than your previous best it will replace it. Only your best score is saved so you can constantly strive to eclipse your previous best and you can always check out the Game Center leaderboard to see what kind of progress you’re really making. 

Mad Drift


Pros and Cons


  • Fun graphics and sound track
  • Addictive game play
  • Game Center integration
  • Unique gaming concept


  • Includes banner ads

Final Words

Mad Drift is a fun car game that will test your reflexes. With boulders coming at you every second, there really isn't a lot of time to think. It's all about your reaction skills in this one. I recommend this addictive little game.


Mad Drift

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