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Noom Coach app review: helping you make smart food choices for weight loss 2021



Noom Coach is a special weight loss coach app that helps you change your eating habits for the better. It helps you with losing weight not by tedious calorie counting but by motivating you to make the right food choices.

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It offers simple goals so you can get started with your weight loss journey. It also offers the right tools such as food logger, calorie counter, activity counter, group motivation, and personalized coach to reach your goals. 

For more details on this Iphone app for losing weight, check out our Noom Coach app review below.

Noom Coach: Healthy Weight Loss, Diabetes & More


Realistic Approach to Weight Loss with Noom Coach

When people talk about weight loss, discussions usually focus on tedious calorie counting, reducing food intake, and adapting to exotic diet plans. Noom Coach seeks to challenge these conventional concepts by focusing on two things that really matter when it comes to losing weight: lifestyle change and smart food choices.

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Noom Coach is not just a weight loss app; it's also a comprehensive guide that will motivate you to eat healthy and become physically active in order to reach your goals in the most pleasant manner possible.

You start with the app by registering a personal account. Of course, you need to provide some basic information such as weight, age, and your weight loss goals. After this, the app instantly creates simple daily plans that will help you achieve your goals.

Noom Coach focuses on developing smart eating habits. It uses the glycemic index (GI) formula of assigning color codes for food groups. It tells you that your diet should contain lots of green foods, some yellow foods, and a little bit of reds.

It allows you to log your food intake and displays your food rating based on the GI formula. It sends reminders, tips, and motivations so you can faithfully follow your weight loss plans.

Realistic Approach to Weight Loss with Noom Coach image

Best Features of Noom Coach

Noom Coach offers simple and easy to follow daily plans. A plan could be as simple as asking you to log your food intake for day, recording your day’s activities, or reading tips for weight loss. It varies each plan to make your weight loss journey more interesting.

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The app offers an impressive database of food items from simple grains and sugars to lean meat and beverages. It offers thousands of food items and each one is categorized based on the GI formula. It allows you to add an item if it is not yet included in the database.

Noom Coach has a unique approach to calorie counting. Instead of painstakingly counting calories, it provides you with a graphical interpretation of your healthy food choices.

Other powerful features of the app include daily articles and tips, physical activity tracker, exclusive Noom community, and personalized coaching.

Best Features of Noom Coach image

Noom Coach: Healthy Weight Loss, Diabetes & More


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use food logger
  • Rich database of food items
  • Uses the GI formula for interpreting food intake
  • With built-in pedometer
  • Physical activity tracker
  • Group motivation and coaching


  • Some advanced features require paid subscription

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Noom Coach is one of the best weight loss apps for mobile devices. It offers a unique approach to weight loss by motivating you to make smart food choices. This is a must-have app for those who want to lose weight in a smart and efficient manner.

Noom Coach: Healthy Weight Loss, Diabetes & More

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