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Match Boost for Tinder app review: boosting your chances to meet a new date



Match Boost for Tinder is an auto-liking tool that promises to boost your chances of meeting a date on Tinder.  It offers several useful features including multiple view, custom location, automated liking, and location bookmarking. This is an unofficial app and serves as a companion tool for automating the Tinder experience. 

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Match Boost for Tinder


Liking Profiles Made Easier with Match Boost for Tinder

Most people say that when you use Tinder, it is just like betting on the lottery. Making meaningful matches on the site is primarily a game of chance. If you want to increase your chances of meeting exciting matches, then you have to like as many profiles as possible. This is where Match Boost for Tinder comes in handy.

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Match Boost for Tinder, as its name implies, boosts your chances of making good connections on the site. The app allows you to like as many as 60 profiles with just one tap. Its auto-liking feature also offers a hands-free Tinder engagement so you won’t miss anyone who could be the perfect match for you.

Like other third party Tinder companion apps, Match Boost requires you to link with your Facebook account. You can then login to Tinder and start auto-liking user profiles.

To make sure that you are getting razor sharp results from the app, you can open your profile screen and create filters for your matches. The app allows you to filter the discovery settings by age, distance, and gender. Save your filters and the app will show potential matches for you.

Open the Quick Match screen to view all profiles that match your filters. Then, tap "send likes" button to like 60 profiles. All you need to do now is to wait for someone to send a like-back so you can chat with him or her.

Liking Profiles Made Easier with Match Boost for Tinder image

Best Features of Match Boost for Tinder

Match Boost for Tinder offers a convenient multi-profile view. It allows you to view hundreds of profiles on a single screen in a grid format. You can scroll down the screen to load more profiles.

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This app allows you to like 60 profiles with one tap. It randomly selects 60 people when you tap the send likes button. It also offers an auto-liking feature that works in the background.

Match Boost allows you to check individual profiles before you send a like. It offers complete profile view with important details including personal description, interest, age, location, and photos.

If you want to find suitable matches from other cities, then you can use the app’s search function. It allows you to set custom locations to find Tinder users from around the world.

Best Features of Match Boost for Tinder image

Match Boost for Tinder


Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Offers auto-like
  • Allows you to send likes to 60 people
  • Offers custom location setting
  • Allows you to filter match search
  • Offers multi-profile grid view
  • Allows you to bookmark favorite location
  • On our hot apps list


  • Using GPS in the background quickly drains device battery
  • Some features require premium account

Pros & Cons image

Final Thoughts

Match Boost for Tinder is an auto-liking and match booster for Tinder. It allows you to send likes to multiple users with just a single tap. If you want to improve your chances of meeting new people on Tinder, then this is a good app for you. It's definitely one of the hot apps for iPhone

Match Boost for Tinder

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