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Regus Hotspot Finder app review: a Wi-Fi finder tool for all Regus customers



If you’re a customer of the Regus service you may not be aware of some of the extra tools that are available to you as a customer. One of these tools is Regus Hotspot Finder and, with it, you gain access to over 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots all around the world. If you’re not familiar with Regus then this app won’t be of any real interest to you as its target market is Regus customers – those that currently use Regus’s office rental services. If you are a Regus customer this is a great tool to help you when you’re on the go. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Regus Hotspot Finder


Find the Closest Hotspot with Regus Hotspot Finder

There are plenty of places to find a Wi-Fi hotspot these days but you may run into places where a public hotspot is not available. There are certainly other apps designed to assist you in helping you find Wi-Fi hotspots, but they won’t give you access to Regus’s vast network. As a Regus customer you gain access to hotspots that wouldn’t be available to you otherwise. In a fast paced business world you need every advantage you can get including access to online resources at all times.

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There are no ads or in-app purchases in this app and the user interface is simple and easy to follow. There’s also a great help section that’s divided into three different sections: How to Connect, FAQ, and Report a Problem – if you’ve got any questions at all you should find the answers you’re looking for here. This app will require 45.2 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

When you first open the app you’ll be asked to activate your Hotspot Finder network access. You can still use some aspects of the app without activation such as locating public Wi-Fi hotspots and tracking your data usage, but full access to all of Regus’s hotspots will require activation. As a Regus customer it makes sense to activate your account and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

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The main screen of the app is divided into nicely laid out sections. On the left-hand side is a graph that tracks your data usage over the previous three months, and it will also show you your average usage over that period. In the bottom center quadrant is a tab you can tap on to find all the nearby hotspots which will bring up a map with each hotspot represented by a pinpoint on the map. There’s also a tips section in the bottom right corner of the app to give you some quick pointers on how the app works. 

Regus Hotspot Finder


Pros and Cons


  • Gives Regus customers access to over 18 million Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Excellent help section


  • Only available for existing Regus customers

Final Words

Regus Hotspot Finder is an excellent app providing quick access to worldwide hotspots for Regus customers. It’s a simple, easy to use app with some powerful tools. If you’re a Regus customer you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this app. 


Regus Hotspot Finder

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