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Tips+ app review: offering a streamlined tip calculator



Tips+ is a very convenient and user friendly tip calculator that also functions as a standard calculator. It is basically a two-in-one app that can be used for daily calculations. It offers a streamlined interface with no distracting features. It offers big buttons that are visible even in low light conditions. Developed by Corey Haggard, this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Calculate Tips in a Flash with Tips+

Giving tips can be tricky sometimes. This is particularly true if you are using the total bill amount as a base figure. You will have to do some quick mental calculations to determine how much tip you have to give to your servers. You can end your misery by using Tips+, a standalone tip calculator that automatically calculates tips.

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Tips+ is a free app supported by ads. So you have to expect some ads popping up on your screen when you use it. The good thing is that the app is extremely user friendly and allows you to quickly calculate tips especially when you eat out in a restaurant.

To get started, just load the Tips+ calculator from the applications list in order to open the default tip calculator. There is a separate tab for the standard calculator which you can use for common computations.

The tip calculator screen offers a rating tool. If you are satisfied with the service, just slide the lever near the smiling icon. Tip percentages are determined by the quality of service rendered for you. Poor service means a measly 10%; average rating is 15%; and excellent service amounts to 20%.

After rating the service, just enter the total bill amount and the app automatically displays the tip amount.

Best Features of Tips+

Tips+ offers a simple user interface that allows you to quickly calculate the amount of tips that you can give to your servers. It offers a streamlined layout so you can focus immediately on computing the tip. In fact, the app only offers a single screen which eliminates unnecessary swiping or taps.

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The app offers an easy to use service rating feature and a slider bar with smiley icons. Just slide the bar either to the left or right to rate your server.

Tips+ provides automatic calculations in real time. It displays the results as you enter the total bill amount. It will probably take just a couple of seconds to calculate tips using this app.

Tips+ has a standard calculator that supports basic arithmetic functions. You can use this calculator for common calculations. It offers an easy to use number pad with big bold buttons.



Pros and Cons


  • User friendly interface
  • With big buttons for better visibility
  • Standard and tip calculator
  • With easy to use service rating system
  • Automatic calculations in real time
  • Supports basic arithmetic functions


  • Tip percentages cannot be edited

Final Thoughts

Tips+ is a convenient tip calculator with a standard calculator. It allows you to quickly calculate the right tips for your servers. It offers a streamlined interface, distraction free layout, and big buttons. If you are looking for a functional tip calculator, then this is a must-have app for you.



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