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Fleet: Air Travel Guide app review - offering timely information about flight status and airport conditions



Fleet is a personal air travel guide that offers accurate information about flight schedules, airport conditions, and delay times. It uses crowd-sourced data so you get real reports from fellow travelers. It is packed with extra features including airport directories, nearby shops, fun facts, and many more. Developed by Fly Fleet LLC, this app works best with iPhone and iPad.

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Fleet Air Travel Guide & Airport Directory


Fleet Makes Air Travel More Convenient

There are lots of air travel apps on the App Store but none can match the visual design and intuitive approach offered by Fleet. This app is not only useful; it also offers a unique interface that makes it easy to use. This is probably the main reason why Fleet Air Travel Guide won the FAA’s Design Competition for Innovative Use.

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However, Fleet is more than just a well-designed iOS app. It also offers valuable data and real time airport information that make air travel more convenient and pleasant.

When you open Fleet, you will be welcomed by a wheel-type home screen where key sections of the app can be accessed. All you need to do is to tap any section of the wheel to see the information you need.

So if you want to see the status of your flight schedule, just tap the airplane icon and enter your flight information. The app will then tell you if your flight is on time or delayed. You can then view other aspects of your travel such as security and baggage check-in conditions. You will be able to know in real time if there are security and baggage congestions.

You can also set flight alerts to make sure that you will never miss your own flight again. Just open the settings screen and activate notifications. You will then receive alerts about flight status on your mobile device.

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Best Features of Fleet Air Travel Guide

Fleet offers an impressive user interface with colorful visual design. The navigation is set on a color wheel so every section is easily accessible. The best part is that the information is presented in a transparent bubble that pops up on the screen which eliminates the need for opening numerous pages.

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This app offers real time flight schedule updates. It gets its data directly from the public information database of Federal Aviation Authority. This means that the information presented to you is accurate.

Fleet offers crowd-sourced data about airport security conditions and baggage check-in congestions. It collects user reports from different airports in real time. When you make a query, you will get actual experiences of people who are already at the airport.

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Fleet Air Travel Guide & Airport Directory


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive visual design
  • Offers accurate flight information
  • With real time airport condition report
  • Offers comprehensive airport directories
  • With directory for nearby shops and amenities
  • Offers fun facts about different carriers
  • Offers tips and insights about domestic and international flights
  • With push notification alerts


  • Covers the United States airports only

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Fleet Air Travel Guide is a valuable digital airport assistant that provides important information about your flight schedules. It allows you to view conditions at the airport security lines and baggage check-in counters.

Fleet Air Travel Guide & Airport Directory

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