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Sudden Bonus app review: offering a bash and smash game in unending bonus stages



Sudden Bonus is an old-school arcade game that belongs to the bash and smash genre. It offers a gameplay style that is similar to the bonus stages of typical arcade games where you get to smash objects in the fastest time possible. The game offers a simple storyline but it is really about smashing and bashing common household objects to get high scores, gold coins, and skill points. Developed by Chan Chee Lek, this game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Sudden Bonus


Smash Your Way to Riches in Sudden Bonus

Anyone who is familiar with arcade games of the 90s knows that bonus stages are pretty intense. In the bonus stages, the player gets to smash as many objects as possible within a short period of time.

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In Sudden Bonus, you will have a game that seems like unending bonus stages. It does not require advanced skill sets. All you have to do is to smash and bash objects in order to earn points and coins. The caveat is that you have to press the right combo moves to get high points and special items. This is a game that will test your reaction time and eye and finger coordination.

Sudden Bonus tells the story of the Yonekura family members who take part in a game show. The game show has a weird rule: smash as many household items as possible within a time limit. There are lots of offending items that you need to smash including water coolers, refrigerators, washing machines, plates, chalk boards, chairs, lamp shades, and many more.

The game starts with Dad Hiromasa. You need to help him earn points and coins to unlock other family members. You can also use your coins to buy skills upgrades.

There is really no set objective when you play this game. What matters most is that you have to smash objects to get the high scores.

Best Features of Sudden Bonus

Sudden Bonus offers a retro visual design reminiscent of old-school arcade games. It uses 16-bit graphics so the characters and objects may look a bit pixelated. However, this is part of the design and it brings added charisma to the game.

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The game offers five exciting characters. It starts with the head of the Yonekura family. You can then unlock mom, the boy and girl siblings, and the family dog as you advance through higher levels.

Sudden Bonus allows you to earn coins and in-game points which can be used to buy power ups and extra items. It allows you to upgrade the attack skills of your characters so you can use flying kicks, upper cuts, and straight crosses.

Sudden Bonus


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a charming visual design
  • With exciting sound effects
  • Offers five upgradable characters
  • Offers dozens of power ups and items
  • Allows you to use combos for higher points
  • Allows you to earn in-game coins


  • With on-screen ads which can be removed through in-app purchase

Final Thoughts

Sudden Bonus is a smash and bash arcade game that offers intense gameplay. It requires great eye and finger coordination and will test your reaction skills to the limits.


Sudden Bonus

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