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Popsoc - Plan your next social adventure app review: organise and book travel plans with friends



Popsoc Travel is an app that can help you plan your next epic gathering with friends. It’s not easy trying to work out travel plans with a large group of friends, but with this app you can make it a social experience that makes arriving at a decision half the fun. As long as all of your travel companions are using this app, you can use this as your own social media tool replacing more conventional apps like Facebook – it’s a novel idea for sure. Popsoc taps into some of the best online travel resources to help you with your plans as well such as Skyscanner and Expedia. Popsoc Travel is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Popsoc - Plan your next social adventure


The Social Media Way to Plan a Vacation

There are plenty of apps to choose from to help you book travel accommodations, airline flights, or event tickets, but you won’t find too many that turn the whole process into a group focused social media experience. That is exactly what Popsoc Travel does – it turns your group vacation planning into an online social gathering. It’s a great tool if you’re planning on traveling with a group of friends and you want to make the decision making process fun and democratic.

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There are no ads or in-app purchases to worry about in this app, but it does have a couple of flaws that are hard to ignore. There are no instructions or introductory video in the app – there is a link to their webpage which has a short explanation of what their app is all about but it doesn’t go far enough. An app like Popsoc that’s trying to promote itself as a social media alternative to the more traditional apps has to do a better job of plugging itself, but unfortunately this app fails in this department. The other big question that comes to mind with this app is how badly do we really need something like this? You can make private group vacation plans with existing social media tools which makes this one a bit of a hard sell. This app will require 10.8 MB of available space on your iOS device.

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The Essentials

The first time you open Popsoc Travel you’ll be prompted to sign on with your Facebook account or to create an account using your email – you’ll need to do this before you create any “Pops”, which are vacation plan proposals you submit to your group of friends. It’s a pretty straightforward process, which only takes a couple of seconds to complete.

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Once you’re account is set up and you’ve logged in, the app will default to the main screen which will feature any “Pops” you’ve created in a news feed, as well as any that your group of friends may have created as well. Below the feed are three buttons: create a pop, book a flight, and book accommodations. If you want to create a “Pop” and get the ball rolling you just tap on the create a pop button, give it a title, enter any pertinent details, add the suggested destination, and add the dates – then you just click on invite and enter the emails of the friends you wish to invite to send them a message. That’s it!

Once you’re friends have accepted the invite they’ll be able to vote on whether or not the vacation is a good idea. The idea is that a group of friends can submit multiple vacation ideas, vote on them, and the one with the most votes wins.  Democracy rules and you can avoid a lot of disagreements. The app actually works quite well. It’s simple and clean.

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Popsoc - Plan your next social adventure


Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Can book flight and accommodations from within the app
  • Fun private social media experience for friends


  • No instructions
  • Doesn’t introduce anything new that you can’t do with other social media tools

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Final Words

Popsoc Travel is a social media tool designed to help a group of friends plan and decide on their next group vacation plan. It’s a simple little app that’s easy to use and it actually lets the group vote on different proposals before coming to a decision. It’s a decent app, but it doesn’t really introduce anything new that you can’t already do with more established social media apps. 

Popsoc - Plan your next social adventure

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