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Science Goes to the Movies app review: learn about the science behind movies through online videos



When we watch a movie, we don’t often think about how accurate the scientific facts behind the story are. But, every once in a while something piques our curiosity and we head off on a search to find out everything we can about it. Science Goes to the Movies by CUNY TV is an app dedicated to this topic.

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The app features full length shows that explore how close the movie's science comes to reality. There’s a lot of interesting content in this app. It's great for anyone that’s remotely curious about the science behind the movies they're watching.  This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Science Goes to the Movies


The Latest News When it Happens

There are quite a few apps that focus on scientific facts or science trivia, but Science Goes to the Movies offers a service that no other app does. It’s in-depth analysis of scientific topics is eye popping. With this app, you can really satisfy your curiosity and maybe impress your friends with your background knowledge of their favorite movies. What really makes this app stand out is the in-depth analysis it provides on its science subject matter. There may be other places you can find out about the science behind the movies, but not with production quality of Science Goes to the Movies.

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Science Goes to the Movies has a very clean clutter free interface. There are no ads to interfere with your enjoyment of the app and there are no pop-ups asking you to rate the app or take advantage of great deals on in-app purchases. There aren’t any instructions to get you started, but the app isn’t difficult to figure out. The only real issue that detracts from the usefulness of Science Goes to the Movies is that it doesn’t have a lot of content yet. The app is pretty new, so at the moment there are only five episodes to choose from. This app will require 9.8 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

The main screen of this app features the current episode of Science Goes to the Movies. If you want to watch this episode, you just tap on the watch now button and the episode will begin playing in a built-in version of the Vimeo player. The production quality of the episodes is good and they feature a combination of discussions between the hosts and their guests and video clips from the movies being discussed.

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If you want to access previous episodes there’s a menu icon in the top right corner where you can access all the previous episodes of the show. In the menu section you’ll also find an about section that explains the shows background in depth, as well as a sharing button for if you want to spread the word to your friends. There’s nothing complicated about this app – it’s just a forum for disseminating episodes of Science Goes to the Movies. 

Science Goes to the Movies


Pros and Cons


  • Clean and simple interface
  • Full length featured episodes as well as archives of all past episodes
  • Great scientific content
  • No ads or in-app purchases


  • No instructions
  • Not a lot of content yet

Final Words

If you love movies and are constantly wondering about the truth behind the science of the movie then you’ll definitely want to check out Science Goes to the Movies. This app features full length episodes featuring interviews and clip that explain just how the science behind the movies works. It’s a great app for the science fan in all of us.


Science Goes to the Movies

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