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Brainventures app review: showing how the brain works through fun games



Brainventures is an educational game that shows how the brain functions in everyday life. It is designed for children between seven to ten years old. However, the game offers lots of challenges and fun neuroscience lessons that can be enjoyed by everyone. It offers challenging quests and exciting mini games. Developed by Kizoom, the game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Discover Brain Power through the Eyes of a Neuron

Brainventures is the creation of world renowned neuroscience expert, Dr. Erica Warp. It is part of Kizoom’s series of children’s games and adventure activities. In fact, this game combines all the good aspects of Kizoom’s collections which include BrainJump and The Adventures of Ned the Neuron.

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In Brainventures, you assume the character of a small neuron who resides inside the brain of a child. There are quests that you need to complete in order to earn stars. These quests simulate everyday brain functions such as muscle control, hand-eye coordination, spatial movements, memorization, and achieving focus. The first quests are easy but as you advanced through the higher levels, the game becomes more challenging.

Dr. Warp designed Brainventures as a teaching tool for understanding the science behind brain functions. This is why you start the game as a child neuron and you will eventually develop into a mature one. It simulates the actual growth of the brain as your neuron masters different skills and abilities.

The game allows you to befriend fellow neurons. Once you made a connection with other neurons, you will be able to unlock mini games. These are collections of brain games that enhance memory, focus, and movement.

Your ultimate goal is to become a member of the Hall of Brain. However, you can only achieve this status if you earn lots of brain stars.

Best Features of Brainventures

Brainventures offers fun and exciting narrative quests. Each quest is actually a lesson about specific brain function. The game offers dozens of quests where you try to complete activities that enhance muscle control, coordination, and movements.

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This app offers mini games for memorization, identification, and object discovery. You can unlock the mini games once you successfully befriend other neurons in the brain. It allows you to learn more about your neuron friends by knowing their names, favorite activities, other brain facts.

Brainventures allows you to earn stars after each quest and mini game. It gives you three stars for excellent performance. Once you collect tons of stars, you will be inducted into the Hall of Brain.

And lastly, this game supports smart gestures and touch control. It allows you to interact with the characters using touch-based controls.



Pros and Cons


  • Challenging brain quests
  • With mini games
  • Attractive visual design
  • With exciting sound effects and background music
  • Comic-type narration
  • Allows you to earn stars
  • Real lessons about the science of brain functions


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Brainventures offers exciting adventure games based on neuroscience and neuroplasticity. It allows you to learn more about brain functions and development. It offers dozens of quests that enhance your focus, critical thinking, motor skills, and memory.



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