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Golden Tan app review: a twelve step program for developing the perfect tan



Spending time in the sun can be a lot of fun, but unfortunately it can also lead to a sun burn or even worse. Golden Tan by Stanislav Petrov is an app designed to help you develop the prefect tan without burning, and with the minimum amount of exposure to the sun. If you’re going to spend time in the sun anyway, it’s probably not a bad idea to do it in a manner that’s designed to minimize the damage you can do to your skin, and that’s what this app is designed to do. This is a great idea, but anyone planning on using this app should be aware that using this app will not guarantee total protection from the sun’s harmful rays. This app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $0.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Golden Tan - personal assistant for your tanning


Maximize Your Tan While Minimizing Your Exposure to the Sun

Golden Tan is a really unique app that doesn’t have a lot of competitors in the App Store. There are a couple of apps available that deal with the science behind tanning, but these are more educational in scope that anything else. What makes Golden Tan unique is that it’s actually an app designed to walk you through the step by step process of obtaining the perfect tan. It may be the only app for iOS that does this. If you’re a born sun worshipper you’ll probably want to give this app a try.

The best iPhone and iPad apps for sun seekers

On the positive side there are no ads or in-app purchases in this app, but it’s not without some noticeable issues. The most obvious issue with this app is the overall premise – anyone planning on using this app should understand that there is no real safe way to expose yourself to the sun. The only way to guarantee the sun doesn’t damage your skin is to avoid exposure all together, so this app may seem a little misleading in suggesting it can ensure your safety while sunbathing – it can’t. The other problem with this app is that the grammar can be a little disjointed at times leading to potential misunderstandings of the instructions, although there is definitely some good information here. This app will require 7.4 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Maximize Your Tan While Minimizing Your Exposure to the Sun image

The Essentials

Golden Tan is a simple and intuitive app to use, and it does provide some valuable tips for the sun worshipper. It does this by implementing a unique 12 step process that guides you through every aspect of your tanning regimen. There are helpful graphic representations of the optimal sun bathing positions as well as a timer for each position to ensure the optimal amount of sunbathing time for each body part. This is all designed to help you avoid getting burnt and to minimize the harmful effects of the sun.

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If you want some helpful hints on how to stay safe in the sun, there’s also a comprehensive rules section which covers just about every safe sunbathing tip you can think of in the form of a simple flip through section. At any point if you want to start the whole process over again you can simply tap on the reset timer option – although this has the potential to extend your time in the sun longer than might be considered safe.  This is actually a pretty comprehensive app with a lot of useful facts.

The Essentials image

Golden Tan - personal assistant for your tanning


Pros and Cons


  • Simple and intuitive
  • Includes a 12 step process to minimize the harmful effects of sunbathing
  • Helpful hints for staying safe in the sun


  • Some grammatical errors have the potential to create confusion
  • The app cannot guarantee protection from the harmful effects of the sun

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Golden Tan is a unique app designed to provide you with the tools to bathe in the sun as safely as possible. It features 12 simple steps with timers for each step to ensure each body part minimizes exposure to the harmful effects of the sun. This is a great app for people that enjoy spending time in the sun on a regular basis. 

Golden Tan - personal assistant for your tanning

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