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Turtle Tumble app review: an entertaining twist on the familiar game of mini golf



Turtle Tumble by War Drum Studios LLC is an entertaining mini golf game app that brings a new twist to a familiar old game. Most of us have played mini golf at some time during our life and these type of games are sure to bring back some great memories, and with the fun story line in Turtle Tumble you’ll have the opportunity to create some more. In this cute cartoon style game you’re an adorable turtle named Ollie that’s just returned home from travelling the world only to find his family’s gone missing somewhere on a mini golf course. It’s your job to help Ollie navigate his way through the course in order to find his family. It’s a lot of fun and definitely the type of game that’s appropriate for all family members. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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turtle tumble


Help Ollie Conquer the Mini Golf Course

Most mini golf games are pretty standard fair. They feature anywhere between 9 and 18 holes to complete, a putter, a ball, and basic swipe gestures to move the ball through the course – Turtle Tumble has all of these things as well, but it does it in a fun new way. In this game there is no ball as Ollie takes its place. It’s your job to move Ollie around the course in a bid to find and save his family. The cute background story helps to separate Turtle Tumble from the pack, giving a unique feel you won’t find in other mini golf games.

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While this is a great game it does have some minor issues you’ll have to contend with. There are ads and in-app purchases in this one, although they don’t interfere with the game play at all so they aren’t too distracting. Other than that there isn’t a lot to criticise in this game. It features a really cute cartoon character in Ollie, some great scenery to keep you entertained, and a fun soundtrack to boot. The kids will enjoy this one, but so will the adults. This app will require 86.8 MB of available space on your IOS device.

Help Ollie Conquer the Mini Golf Course image

How to Play

With over two hundred different holes to play you won’t get bored with Ollies antics quickly. Each course has 18 holes, and although you can move through them more quickly with the use of in-app purchases you don’t have to use this short cut. You can get through the whole thing without them you’ll just need a little patience as you can only unlock one new hole each day.

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The controls in this game are pretty simple, you can move Ollie back and forth to get him into the best position be swiping right and left across the screen, and when you’re ready you can fire Ollie across the course by pulling back on his tale and releasing. You’ll have to watch how much power you use though – too little and Ollie won’t end up in the hole, but too much and he may go out of bounds. The courses feature some cool graphics such as mushrooms, gnomes, and water sprouts all blocking your way as you try to navigate your way across the course. It’s not always easy but if you can complete the hole successfully you’ll receive stars and from time to time this will unlock different costumes and various bonus items. This game features tons of little details that really make it a joy to play for all ages.

How to Play image

turtle tumble


Pros and Cons


  • Cute cartoon graphics
  • Fun game play
  • Over 200 different holes
  • Free hole each day


  • Includes ads and in app purchase

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you like mini golf games you won’t be disappointed with Turtle Tumble. This is a fun mini golf game with cute cartoon graphics that’s bound to appeal to the whole family. With over 200 different holes you’ll get a lot of mileage out of this one. 

turtle tumble

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