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Pic Frame Magic HD app review: create great photo collages with ease



Pic Frame Magic HD by Chao Zhang is a simple little app for framing your existing photos. iPhones are great for capturing the perfect moment as it happens because we almost always have them by our side, but often it takes more than one picture to truly capture the entire event. By including more than one picture in a picture frame, we can share the entire moment with our friends and family. This is exactly what Pic Frame Magic HD was designed to do. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

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Pic Frame Magic HD - Photo Collage Maker & Grid Creator, add Stamps and Filter Effects


Frame Your Memories with Ease

If there’s one type of app that dominates the App Store more than any other it’s probably apps that are designed to help you edit or enhance your photos in some way or another. Pic Frame Magic HD is another entrant in this category. With all the competition in this category, an app has to provide some great tools, and be easy to use, to have much chance at success. Unfortunately this app doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. Many apps that include photo framing options also include a lot of other tools, and while this one does have a few different options it doesn’t come with a ton of choices.

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What this app does have a lot of is a lot of different picture frames to choose from, which is where it does redeem itself. There are sixteen free ones and dozens more available through an in-app purchase. This app is easy to use, but it also has a tendency to freeze from time to time which is definitely frustrating when you’re in the middle of editing a group of photos and have to start over from scratch. It’s also full of ads with banner ads at the top of every page and full paged pop ups are constantly interrupting you as you work. This app will require 47.1 MB of available space on your iOS device.

The Essentials

The main interface of Pic Frame Magic HD is pretty basic with a series of different icons of picture frames you can choose from. To get started with an editing project you simply tap on any of the available frames to open up its interface. Adding a picture is easy, you simply tap on the plus sign located in the middle of the frame, or an existing picture if you’ve used the app before as any pictures you’ve used previously will be saved. When you tap on an existing picture, a dialog box will appear with the option to replace the picture with another one. 

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After you tap on the picture, you will also notice an effects option, which you can use this to add different filters and stickers. There are a few different options, but not too many are available in the free version. On the main frame window there are also some different framing options located on the top menu – you can add some patterned frames or you can also change the shape of the corners of your frames. There is some choices here, and the app works reasonably well, it’s just weighed down by far too many pop up ads that cause the app to freeze on too many occasions to be something I’d want to use on a regular basis. 

Pic Frame Magic HD - Photo Collage Maker & Grid Creator, add Stamps and Filter Effects


Pros and Cons


  • Contains sixteen different frames in the free version
  • Includes filters and stickers
  • Simple user interface


  • Contains in-app purchases
  • Full of ads

Final Words

Pic Frame Magic HD is a decent photo framing and editing app. It does have a fair number of tools for enhancing your photos, but unfortunately it has far too many ads which often cause the app to crash. If these were a little less intrusive it would be a lot easier to recommend this one. 


Pic Frame Magic HD - Photo Collage Maker & Grid Creator, add Stamps and Filter Effects

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