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fitssi app review: not your typical fitness app



With so many fitness-based apps available to users it can be hard to find one that is unique and stands out from the pack. The fitssi app for your iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone is attempting to do just that. This brand new release takes a social approach to fitness, which can not only act as a strong motivator but is also fun and makes the user want to stick with their fitness goals. The way it works is that people are matched up based on their fitness and sport. 

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fitssi – the social fitness app


Getting Matched Up

Just like any good social-based app with fitssi you’ll be “matched up” with that ideal person. In this case though it’s about being matched up based on your fitness and the activity you are taking part in. Having a fitness buddy can make a huge impact in whether or not you reach the personal health goals you've set out for yourself. The app will find you a compatible match that has similar goals to you, and therefore shares the same sort of plan that you've got. Any level of fitness can use the app, whether you’re just starting out and need that extra push and motivation, or you’ve been working out forever and are just looking for something new and exciting to add to your regular routine.

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The fitssi app is free to use and requires iOS 8.1 or later. Because it's a brand new release it doesn't have any updates or a customer rating at this point. Keep in mind you will need to login through Facebook, which seems to be a negative for some users.

Features and Tools

The fitssi app is loaded with features and tools meant to satisfy the wide range of people who are using it. Once you login you'll be able to set up your training activity in your own "fitness diary". From here the app will work to find your match. If you're at a loss and are tired of the same old activities, you can always scroll through the activities found within the app and use those as ideas. Not only will having a partner work to motivate you but for many people if they have that sense of a competition their results tend to be that much stronger and more pronounced.

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Additional features include being able to broaden your social network, make use of the real-time chat feature, start injecting fun in your workout again, and discover new ideas. On top of all of this the fitssi app has been created to be user-friendly and quick to navigate so you aren’t wasting time trying to move through menu after menu.

fitssi – the social fitness app


Pros and Cons


  • The fitssi app is smooth and user-friendly
  • All fitness levels can use the app
  • Set up your fitness activity and let the app find you a match
  • The app acts to motivate people through friendly competition and encouragement


  • Some users don’t like the fact you need to login through Facebook

Final Thoughts

The fitssi app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone may just prove to be exactly what you need to jumpstart your fitness routine and find that person you can enjoy friendly competition with.


fitssi – the social fitness app

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