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Monki Shake It app review



Teaching your child how to speak in another language can be challenging but, it can really help them in their future.  The Monki Shake It app for the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers parents a fun and engaging way to go about it in a way that appeals to kids ages two through six. The app supports Chinese, English, and Spanish, three of the most widely-spoken languages out there. This one is packed full of features, tools, and fun for kids to enjoy. 

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Lingokids Shake It - Language Learning for Kids and Toddlers


Launch the Fun

As soon as you launch the Monki Shake It app you'll be launching a fun educational experience for kids. This one offers more than 20 engaging animations, over 90 audio tracks that take them through proper grammar, six mini games and the first one is offered for free, and parents won't have to worry about third party advertising. Each of the mini games has its' own theme and characters so they stay interesting and engaging. There's a "test" at that end that is set up as a game. This will help to reinforce all that kids have learned. Kids will be working on their listening skills, their ability to follow instructions, and focus, all of which is important to their learning process.

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The app was updated earlier in the year when a number of bug fixes were made. It requires iOS 6.0 or later to use. Users will have access to one mini game for free and from there they can buy a pack of the additional mini games for $2.99. The app currently has 3.5 out of five stars from users who call it "great" and that kids love it.

Expanding Kids’ Knowledge

The Monki Shake It app is all about expanding your child’s knowledge in a way that doesn’t feel like school, isn’t intimidating, and is able to keep their attention in all the right ways. Kids will be working on the vocabulary skills and their ability to put together phrases. Because it's available in a few languages you can use it to reinforce their own language and to teach them a second language. The app was designed by experts in the field of language learning who comment that kids are the ideal candidates for learning as they are just so eager to take in new things.

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The app is child-friendly as well in terms of the instructions, the game controls, and the menus. Everything was designed with young children in mind so they are able to have a welcoming experience right from the start.

Lingokids Shake It - Language Learning for Kids and Toddlers


Pros and Cons


  • The app supports three different languages
  • Expand your child’s vocabulary skills
  • Help them to put together phrases
  • The app is child-friendly and engaging at all times
  • The app features fun characters, sound effects, and games


  • Not all content is offered for free.
  • There had been some small bugs, which have now been fixed.

Final Thoughts

The Monki Shake It app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone offers parents a fun way to introduce kids to a new language or to reinforce their mother tongue. This is a great option for teaching younger kids a new language. 


Lingokids Shake It - Language Learning for Kids and Toddlers

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