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TagMyRide app review: calling all car enthusiasts



Imagine if you could own your own garage where you could put together your dream cars. That's exactly what you'll be able to do with the TagMyRide app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. In this app, you'll be putting together your own virtual garage where you can create a personalized collection of car parts and cars. The app will eventually get to know your likes and will then make recommendations and suggestions based on your likes. Go ahead and start creating and sharing your very own car profiles with other people.

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TagMyRide - Auto garage that’s right for you


Personalize Your Garage

Never before has it been so easy to create a personalized garage as with the TagMyRide app. You can literally find the exact parts you want in the brand you want and start filling up your garage. Brands and parts from around the world are available giving you the ability to get really unique with your builds. Your virtual garage allows you to park your cars in it and then you can share these cars with other users, and check out what they've got parked. Create your own pages by tagging items. Share your inspiration and get inspired by others. Speaking of sharing you can also share your content to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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The TagMyRide app is free to use and requires iOS 7.0 or later. It currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users who have summed it up as "awesome". In its most recent update there were some performance fixes and you can now make use of the recommended tags.

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Feed Your Passion

The TagMyRide app is fun in that it allows cars users to feed their passion in a simple yet creative way. Because everything is done in a virtual manner you don't have to worry about storing actual items and real costs associated with collecting parts and cars. This is a harmless way to live out your passion for cars. What's really fun is upgrading your car with the various parts that you find and making it something of beauty, performance, and speed.

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Some of the features in this app include the fact it works on all your devices, access news and reviews, car pictures, actual technical specifications, buy and sell, and it is integrated with eBuy. All makes and models are supported including Chrysler, Acura, BMW, Subaru, Honda, Nissan, and many more.

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TagMyRide - Auto garage that’s right for you


Pros and Cons


  • Build your own personalized virtual garage
  • The app supports all brands, makes, and models of cars and car parts from around the world
  • Share your virtual garage with others
  • Get inspired by checking out other users’ garages
  • Access news, specifications, photos, and reviews through the app
  • The TagMyRide app is user-friendly


  • There were some minor issues with performance, all of which have been fixed

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Final Thoughts

The TagMyRide app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a fun and engaging way to encourage your love of cars and let your creative visions flourish. This social-based app is ideal for car enthusiasts of all levels.

TagMyRide - Auto garage that’s right for you

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