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Veooz app review: news how you want it



Scrolling through the day's headlines can be time-consuming, tedious and there's a good chance you aren't even interested in all of the stories. The Veooz app for your iPhone provides users with a personalized news experience of all the trending stories and topics that are interesting to you. It offers stories from nearby in addition to headlines across the country or world.  The content is sourced from magazines, newspapers, posts, blogs, photos, videos, and more. Finding all of this content on your own would surely take a long time.

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Veooz: Personalized News


Let the News Come to You

The Veooz app is all about bringing the news to you, and not just any news but the topics you are interested in. Find stories on tech, lifestyle, business, sports, entertainment, and more. There are actually more than 100,000 topics you can choose from, so you're bound to find what you want. As another bonus the content is being updated in real-time so you can count on it to be accurate and up-to-date. The Veooz app supports more than 2,000 cities in 40 different countries. You won't have to spend any time setting up the app to find your location, as it will detect where you are.

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This app has recently been updated to allow users to read full stories without the need to leave the app. As well you can type hashtags into the search tool and it will find content relating to it. Users will notice the app running smoother than ever before thanks to a variety of bug fixes. The Veooz app doesn't yet have a customer rating but comments are very positive.

Let the News Come to You image

A Personalized Experience

Because this is a personalized experience, the Veooz app even gives you the option of how you want to view the story. You can read the full story if you've got time, just the main points in the story, or only the headline if you're really pressed for time. Each day you'll be able to access the Daily Digest which is the top 10 stories related to your interests, and not to worry your feed is available offline if you want to read. All stories can be saved for future access and the app also supports a variety of languages with plans to add more in the future.

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Everything about the experience feels modern, sleek, and useful and makes gathering the news simple and quick.

A Personalized Experience image

Veooz: Personalized News


Pros and Cons


  • The Veooz app will detect your location for your local stories
  • Find stories from your city, country, and around the world
  • The app gathers content from a wide variety of sources
  • Your Daily Digest of content is based on your own personal interests
  • Content can be saved for offline reading


  • There had been some small bugs and stability issues which have all been fixed

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Final Thoughts

The Veooz app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone provides users with a simple way to access the news that matters to them. The app has a modern user interface that users will find simple and fun to navigate.

Veooz: Personalized News

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