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FreshFeed app review: streamlined your news experience



How many websites and apps do you check in a day just to get the latest news stories, entertainment gossip, blogs, videos, pictures, and other trending items? The FreshFeed app for your iPhone is all about streamlining this process so you can get all the items you want in one central location. What's great is that this is a personalized feed, so what you'll be seeing is the stuff that appeals to you. The app acts as a timesaver and can even find content you might not have even come across on your own. 

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FreshFeed - Your personalized feed of trending content, videos, gifs, news and more!


A One-Stop Solution

You gotta love those apps that can provide you with useful information in a fraction of the time it could take you to find, and that's exactly the thought process behind the FreshFeed app. Through this app you'll get a personalized feed that meets your interests. It takes a look at your Facebook activity and then provides information on the latest activities and gadgets, news articles, blogs, images, trending videos, and breaking news stories. You job in the process is just to sit back and enjoy all the app has gathered for you.

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The FreshFeed app has just been updated with improvements and now supports iOS 9. The app is free to download and has a very high customer rating of 4.5 out of five stars. While there are no customer comments as of yet, its' rating certainly paints a clear picture.

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Exploring Your Feed

Now keep in mind in order to use the FreshFeed app you'll need to allow it to connect to your Facebook account. With that said it can then start to learn about you and curate the perfect customized feed. Each time you launch the app you are treated to fresh content even if you check in multiple times in one day you'll see new stuff show up in your feed. This makes it an exciting and dynamic offering. You can also check out other users to see what is showing up on their feed and get even more information. When you come across those items you want to share, go ahead and do so by email, Twitter, and Facebook.

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One of the big pros of the FreshFeed app is how quickly the content loads. There is a focus on providing you with quality items but in a timely manner. You don’t have to wait for load times because the moment you launch the app, your content appears.

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FreshFeed - Your personalized feed of trending content, videos, gifs, news and more!


Pros and Cons


  • The FreshFeed app is always gathering content so it’s fresh each time you launch it
  • It's like having your very own iPhone and iPad news app
  • The app is easy to navigate
  • Content is loaded instantly, there is no need to wait for items to load


  • You’ll need a Facebook account to use this app

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Final Thoughts

The FreshFeed app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone acts as a massive timesaver and is also dynamic and fun to use. Being able to check out what is showing up on others’ feeds is also a cool aspect of FreshFeed. This is more enjoyable than the standard news apps for iPad users.

FreshFeed - Your personalized feed of trending content, videos, gifs, news and more!

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