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Droppy Up app review: step up and be the hero



In the Droppy Up app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone you're going to need to step it up in order to become the hero. You will literally be working your way up in this game by jumping from leaf to leaf in an upwards motion. Of course, there are non-stop obstacles along the way threatening to throw you off course. There are 60 different levels for you to work your way through and there are different levels of difficulty to play so you can stay challenged. Thanks to its sheer simplicity, this one is quite addictive.

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Droppy Up


Streamlined Gameplay

The Droppy Up app is a great example of streamlined gameplay that is challenging, fun, and addictive. Before even looking at the game the graphics need a big shout out. To say they're beautiful just doesn't do them justice. You will marvel at the colors, designs, and intricate details in each level. Just try not to get too distracted by the beauty of this game. So once you get past the graphics you're going to need to try your hardest to work through the 60 levels, each of which has its own difficulty level. It should be noted that this game is great for kids and adults, as it’s easy to understand.

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The app has just gone through a pretty large redesign so you can expect incredible gameplay. This one requires iOS 7.0 or later and there are no in-app purchases necessary. It currently has a perfect five star rating from customers that call it entertaining, beautiful, addictive, and awesome. 

The Gaming Experience

As for the gaming experience with the Droppy Up app, there are a number of words that can be used such as intuitive, challenging, and interesting. Each level is laid out like a puzzle and you need to jump from leaf to leaf making your way up. Your character is actually a single droplet of rain, and as this character you'll find all kinds of obstacles standing in your way. You need to make your way past them and also keep your eyes open for bonuses along the way. You'll be working to complete the game as fast as possible so your points will reflect how well you did.

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Additional features worth noting include a gorgeous and relaxing soundtrack, it uses rely physics, logic that will challenge you, and the game controls are easy to pick up on.

Droppy Up


Pros and Cons


  • The game controls are sleek and simple to use
  • The game uses real physics
  • The game is challenging and addictive
  • The graphics are stunning
  • This one can be played by all ages


  • Some may find the premise a bit too simple.

Final Thoughts

The Droppy Up app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is all about a beautiful gaming experience that is still steeped with challenges and fun. Everything about the game feels unique and fun and is well worth checking out.


Droppy Up

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