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Full House Casino HD app review: a casino game with tons of variety 2021



Full House Casino app is one of the better iPhone casino apps that you’ll find in the App Store. This free casino game includes a full suite of casino options to suit just about any taste.

The best casino apps for iPhone 2021

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer slots or table games – there something for every type of casino lover in this game.  When you combine that type of variety with this apps cool cartoon graphics and soothing sound track what you get is a fun experience for the adults in the house.  

This best iPhone slot machine app is free and also compatible with the iPad and iPod Touch.Let's see if this game is one of the best casino apps that you have ever played. 

Full House Casino HD - Free Slots Free Table Games


Can You Beat the House?

Casino games have been a staple in the App Store since its inception, but unfortunately all casino games are not created equal – there are a lot of pretty average casino apps out there.

Best iphone and ipad apps

Full House Casino HD is one of the better ones because it combines variety, fun graphics, and online social interaction to create a full experience that you won’t find in too many other casino games.

If you want something that’s more than just an average run of the mill experience you’ll find this app fits the bill. You'll also find many games to play at Casino Games Pro

This is one of those apps that are meant to be played as a Facebook companion game, but you can play it as a guest if you prefer. The advantage of playing with your Facebook account is that you can have a bit of friendly competition with your friends and family as well.

There are ads in this app, but the only appear in between games so they don’t interfere with your actual game experience. There are also in-app purchase meant to enhance your game experience, but if you don’t want to get involved in this you can still have fun with the free play options.

This app will require 68.3 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Can You Beat the House? image

How to Play

The first screen you’ll see every time you boot up Full House Casino HD will be the login screen – there are two options: login with your Facebook account, or login as a guest. Once you’ve decided which way you want to sign on, then it’s time to decide which game you want to play.

The app is divided into two categories of games: table games, and slots. There are more than 15 games to choose from, although some of them are only available if you’re a VIP which can be achieved through in-app purchase.

When you start with a free account you’ll be given just over $40, 000 worth of coins to play with, more can be purchased through in-app purchase. If you use up all of your free coins you will have to obtain more through in-app purchase or wait till they replenish in a day or two.

The actual games all include the standard features you’d fine in the actual real live casino versions of games such as: blackjack, poker, and slots. From time to time you’ll also get the chance to spin for more free coins which is a nice feature.

If you’ve logged in with your Facebook account you can also compare your ranking against your friends to see who the more seasoned casino pro is.

How to Play image

Full House Casino HD - Free Slots Free Table Games


Pros and Cons


  • Multiple different casino games available
  • Fun cartoon style graphics and soothing sound effects
  • Free coins daily
  • Can choose to login with your Facebook account or as a guest


  • Contains in-app purchases
  • Some ads

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

If you enjoy casino style apps you’ll like Full House Casino HD. This game comes with a great deal of variety, and it also includes the ability to share and compare your experiences with your Facebook connections. This is definitely one of the best casino apps out there.

Full House Casino HD - Free Slots Free Table Games

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