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iBouquiniste app review: change up everything you know about ebook readers



Perhaps, you've tried an eBook reader before and didn't really find yourself blown away. Now, is the chance to give them another try by downloading the iBouquiniste app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. This one supports a huge variety of formats and then gives users an array of tools, features, and customization options to make the reading experience what they want it to be. The goal of the app is to make it feel as close to reading an actual physical book as possible. So does it succeed? Let’s take a closer look and examine whether or not it's the best ebook reader for iPad and iPhone users.

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Transform Your Reading Experience

The iBouquiniste app promises to transform the reading experience by giving users something that feels as close to the actual book as possible. The goal is that you forget it’s an ebook and you'll think it's the real book you're holding. This iOS epub reader supports a wide variety of formats such as PDF, EPUB, FB2, DJVU, TXT, and more. There has been a lot of thought put into the design of the app so that it isn't too basic yet at the same time isn't cluttered with tools. Instead users will be able to navigate through it with ease and speed.

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The iBouquiniste app has recently been updated and currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. Users have called it "great", "the best", and "love it". You’ll need iOS 6.0 or later to use it. Once you purchase the app all the tools are available to you without the need of in-app purchases.

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Examining the Features

With iBouquiniste it's all about the features and there are plenty to speak of. Make uses of the note taking tool, the ability to view real page numbers, each of the authors gets its own shelf to help with organization, download books in a variety of ways, the app supports Cloud storage, and you can send books by email. Perfect the reading experience by adjusting the margins, spacing, fonts, and actual paper of the book.

The actual user interface is modern and clean, this means the screen is dedicated to the book itself rather than all kinds of tools and features that clutter up the screen. Moving through your library is quick and easy so you can find the exact title you want within mere seconds. 

Examining the Features image



Pros and Cons


  • The iBouquiniste app features a modern and clean user interface
  • There are a nice variety of tools and features to explore
  • The app supports a number of file formats
  • Download books in a few ways
  • The app supports Cloud storage
  • Each author gets its own shelf in your virtual bookcase


  • The price seems a bit steep at first, but upon exploring the app it feels warranted
  • There had been a small bug, which has now been fixed

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The iBouquiniste app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is a perfect example of an ebook reader that is oozing with features and tools yet manages to stay simple in its design.


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