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RemindMeAt app review: forgetting appointments is in the past



How many times have you found yourself forgetting an important meeting, appointment, or task? It's okay, it's happens to everyone which is exactly why the RemindMeAt app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone exists. This app will ensure that you never have to go through that horrible feeling of dread thanks to forgetting an appointment ever again. There are location-based reminders, the ability to make notes, lists, and more. This multi-functional tool could prove to be exactly what you need and what you’ve been searching for.

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Works with Your Life

What really stands out with the RemindMeAt app is that it's able to transform and work for your needs and your life. This means you can use it for your personal and/or business reminders. This one is packed with features which means you can add as much or as little detail as you want. Use it to remind you about an appointment, a meeting, a task you want to do, create a list, and of course there are location-based reminders which are all the more helpful. Once you arrive at the specified destination in the reminder you'll be able to instantly access your notes.

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The app has gone through a couple of updates this summer including improvements made to its Apple Watch syncing so it is now smoother than ever before. This one requires iOS 8.0 or later to use and currently has 4.5 out of five stars from users. Customers like the ease of use and how effective this app is, and now they're asking for the app to evolve even more and offer additional features.

Not your Basic Reminder App

The RemindMeAt app is far from your basic reminder app, which is evident through the features and tools. These include such things as being able to instantly see notes based on your location, you can import and export multiple notes, one note can contain a number of different locations, one location can have multiple notes attached to it, schedule events to happen on specific dates, the app supports the Apple Watch Glances or the Today iPhone widgets, and you can add such information as a phone number to a note so you can call right from within the app.

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Finding that perfect note taking and reminder-based app is a personal thing, everyone is looking for their own list of features. This one could very well fit your must-have list.



Pros and Cons


  • The app is streamlined and smooth
  • The app supports the Apple Watch
  • There are a nice variety of tools and features
  • The app supports location-based reminders


  • There had been some bugs, which are now fixed
  • The Apple Watch syncing was a bit glitchy, but has been corrected

Final Thoughts

The RemindMeAt app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone is impressive in that it is simple and effective all at the same time. There are certainly reminder apps that have more tools and features, but that isn’t always what people want.



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