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HotMusic app review: a place to discover new music from your favorite artists and many more



I remember when the first iPod came out way back in the early 2000’s – it was simply light years beyond anything we had seen before for music lovers. Sure, MP3 players already existed, but this was the first player than actually allowed us to put all of our music collection in our pocket. Ever since the iPod revolution began the way we listen to music has been changing every year. Today apps like Spotify and Apple music are quickly redefining the way we listen to music. It’s nice to have all this choice, but what these apps don’t do is help you discover new music and new genres. This is where the HotMusic app comes in. This 'find new music app' was designed to randomly introduce you to new songs and new artists based upon your specified preference in musical genres. HotMusic is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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HotMusic - Discover new music, videos, artists & bands, listen to songs and releases | search & watch new music YouTube videos


Discover New Music

It really is stunning the choices we have when it comes to music these days. Spotify and Apple music both offer a great set of tools to help you expand your musical horizons. With Apple music they even have an option to view suggested music for you that have been handpicked by their experts. The big drawback with Apple music though is that it is a paid service which offers a three month trial for free, but after that you will have to pay for the service. HotMusic’s service is always available to you for free, with some in app purchases available to enhance your service.

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With the free version there are a few limitations you’ll face. First of all there are ads in the free version although they’re not overly intrusive, and won’t take away from your overall experience. The other issue with the free version is that you’re limited by the amount of categories you can choose to save as your favorites. In the free version you can choose five different categories. When you think about it that’s not really that limiting – most of us will do just fine with five different genres of music to choose from. This app will require 15.2 MB of available space on your iOS device.

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How It Works

When you open up the HotMusic app for the first time you’ll be asked either create a user profile of your own, or to sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account – the choice is yours. The next step is to connect the app either to your Spotify account, or your Connect Rdio account. If you don’t have an account with either one of the services, or you simply don’t want to connect them to the HotMusic service, you can continue without doing so. The main drawback of not connecting one of these services to HotMusic is that you won’t be able to listen to complete songs within the app – you’ll only be able to sample songs that interest you. The final step in the startup process is to select five musical genres that are of interest to you. After that you can get started with discovering new music.

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The songs are presented in a constantly updated feed which you can scroll through until you find a song that appeals to you. Once you find a song that you want to listen to is simply tap on that song and then tap play at the top of the window to sample the song in iTunes, or tap on the Spotify or Connect Rdio icons next to the song to listen to full versions of the song. There are also quick links to the Apple music service or the iTunes Store if you which to purchase the song. Another cool feature of this app is the favorite button along the bottom menu – with this option you can take a look at what other users have enjoyed listening to. On that bottom menu you’ll also find a home button that will take you back to that main song feed at any time, as well as a button that will allow you to access all the latest videos by your favorite artists.

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HotMusic - Discover new music, videos, artists & bands, listen to songs and releases | search & watch new music YouTube videos


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to connect through Facebook or Twitter
  • You can select up to five different genres
  • Listen to full songs using Spotify or Connect Rdio
  • Includes constantly updated song feed
  • Quick links to iTunes and Apple music
  • Includes a favorites section to explore what other users are listening to


  • Includes in app purchases
  • Includes ads

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Final Words

HotMusic is a great app to help you discover new music from right around the globe. You have your choice of connection options, including accessing the app through your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Once the app has helped you to discover a new song you can listen to it in Spotify or Connect Rdio – or you can watch the video in YouTube. If you’re a music lover you’ll want to download this app.

HotMusic - Discover new music, videos, artists & bands, listen to songs and releases | search & watch new music YouTube videos

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