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Box Score - Fantasy Pizza app review: fantasy football game and pizza all wrapped up in one



Every once in a while you come across an app that takes you back just a little bit. This is because it has something just a little bit different about it, something that stands out from the crowd. Box Score by Box Score Games LLC is one such app. This app combines fantasy football, with a fun pizza game. It's new, it's innovative, and it's a lot of fun to play. As an added bonus you can actually win a free pizza playing this game. This is a free app and it's compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Box Score - Fantasy Pizza


Win a Pizza Playing Fantasy Football

Fantasy football games are very common these days, and very popular. The App Store has quite a few of them, and people of all ages are fond of playing them. Let's face it; football is one of the most popular sports on the planet so it's not surprising to games like this would be popular. Most of these games are pretty similar, with a few differences in the details. There isn't a lot to choose between them - at least until now. Box Score is a bit of a game changer. This game uses pizza slices arranged in a pizza pie as a sort of game board to track your fantasy football statistics. It's definitely different.

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As interesting and fun as this game is there are some drawbacks. For one thing, it will only work if you live in the United States as the free pizza prizes that they have to offer are provided by Papa John's. This is a very popular pizza restaurant in the United States, but isn't really found outside of the United States. The only other real issue I had with this app is that the writing sometimes overlaps the logos, and it's hard to read. Other than that the user interface is actually quite friendly and easy to use. There's a helpful how to play section if you're not sure how the game works, and this is easily accessible from the menu icon in the top right corner. This app will require 39.5MB of available space on your iOS device.

Win a Pizza Playing Fantasy Football image

How to Play

When you first open the app you'll be presented with different game options. You can choose between NFL games, or college games. To choose a game you simply tap on the view button located next to the game information. The app automatically assigns different statistics to your slices of pizza pie. For example in one slice you may be required to have Florida complete 85 yards in passing, and in another slice you might be required to have Alabama achieve 35 rushing yards. Once the statistics in each of your slices of pie have been achieved by the respective teams, that slice of pie will fill-in. If your pizza fills completely within the game you will win a free pizza from Papa John's. How is this not already on our Hot apps list?

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It's certainly a different way of playing fantasy football, and it's definitely a lot of fun. Again, if you're not quite sure how the rules work just tap on the menu icon in the top right corner where you'll find a how to play section, a prizes section , as well as an icon to access your account settings. At any time if you wish to go back to the games menu and select a different game you can simply tap on the back button in the top left corner.

How to Play image

Box Score - Fantasy Pizza


Pros and Cons


  • Fun Innovative Way to Play Fantasy Football
  • You Can Win Free Pizza Prices
  • Simple Intuitive User Interface


  • Only Available in the United States

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Box Score is an innovative and fun way to play fantasy football. Not only can you play fantasy football by betting on your favorite teams, you can also win prizes for free. When you correctly guess all the statistics in your pizza slices you can win a free pizza from Papa John's. It's one of the best apps for fantasy sports to play fantasy football and definitely worth trying out.

Box Score - Fantasy Pizza

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