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Coupolog Coupons app review: find all of the best coupons for all of the major stores in one place



Finding the best bargains can be a full-time job. All stores, both online and off, are constantly trying to get a leg up on the competition by offering discount coupons. If you’re one of those people that are constantly rifling through fliers trying to find the best deals you’ll know exactly what I mean. Each week we receive dozens of them at our door, but what if I told you that you can replace all of these flyers with one app? At the very least it would get your attention. Coupolog Coupons is an app designed for exactly that purpose – to provide you with all of the latest coupons from all of the biggest stores in one place. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Coupolog Coupons - Daily Offers, Coupon Codes, Cash-Back, Shopping & Deals & BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY 2015


Find All Your Savings in One Place

There are certainly other coupon apps in the App Store. Some of them are actually quite sophisticated like Groupon (although this app is a little different from your average coupon app), and others are fairly basic. The one thing that’s not debatable is that you’ve got all kinds of choice when it comes to coupon apps. So if an app is going to stand out in a crowded marketplace it has to provide the user with a lot of great tools and it has to satisfy their needs. Coupolog Coupons does a pretty good job of providing great access to coupons, but it’s not without its flaws.

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Probably the most irritating thing you’ll come across while using this app are the constant pop-up ads. As a free app it’s understandable that they have to pay the bills somehow, but there are better ways of doing this. These ads are full-paged and have to be viewed for a minimum amount of time. The other thing I didn’t like about this app is the relatively small fonts they use in their coupon feed – if you don’t have the best eyesight this will probably drive you nuts. One other thing that was a little curious is the fact that they don’t separate coupons for American customers from coupons for Canadian customers. You simply have to tap on the coupon to see which country it’s for. A good addition to this app would be the ability to select your country and view the available coupons. This app will require 13.7 MB of available space on your iOS device.

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How It Works

Coupolog Coupons might remind you little bit of a site such as Craigslist. When you open the app what you’ll see is a long feed of available coupons. You can access any one of the coupons by simply tapping on it, which will bring up a screen telling you how long you have left before the coupon expires, and then you can simply tap on the shop sale button to continue to the deal. For the most part, this generally takes you to a stores own website. This app doesn’t really do anything but point you to the deals you’re looking for. It’s an aggregator of information.

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If you tap on the menu in the top left-hand corner you’ll see that you can change the look of your feed to search by a certain store, or to browse by a category of store. Next to that menu icon in the top left there is also another little icon and if you tap on this you can access some tips on how the app works. It’s nice that they’ve included this, but they could make it a little easier to find. Once you get used to it the app is pretty easy to use and it does include coupons for every major store you can think of.

How It Works image

Coupolog Coupons - Daily Offers, Coupon Codes, Cash-Back, Shopping & Deals & BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY 2015


Pros and Cons


  • Includes access to coupons from every major retail outlet
  • Provides you with information on when coupon deals expire
  • Allows you to filter coupons by store or by category
  • Includes a quick tips tutorial


  • Includes full-paged pop-up ads
  • The fonts used in the main feed are very small
  • Doesn’t provide a way to filter coupons based on country

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Coupolog Coupons is a pretty useful app that allows you to find all the coupons for your favorite stores in one place. The app does allow you to filter by stores or categories, and it’s fairly simple to use. If you’re looking for some great deals you’ll likely find them here.

Coupolog Coupons - Daily Offers, Coupon Codes, Cash-Back, Shopping & Deals & BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY 2015

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