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Explowre app review: a fun social media tool for sharing your beliefs



Our beliefs guide us in our daily lives and help to define our relationship with others. In fact, we often want to share opinions with others even when they haven’t asked for them – it’s simply human nature. For a lot of us, this means sharing your thoughts and opinions on apps such as Facebook or Twitter, but these social media apps are more general catch-all apps for everything that’s going on in our lives. Explowre is an app specifically designed as a forum where we can express our belief systems and garner feedback from other members on those opinions. This is a free app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Explowre - Share your Opinions and Discover yourself


Exploring Your Beliefs

As we’ve alluded to above, there are plenty of social networks out there that provide forums for you to express your opinions and essentially that’s all beliefs really are. But, what makes Explowre unique is that it’s a place where people can go with the express intention of sharing their beliefs with the world. The idea behind the app is to focus on beliefs strictly, whereas on apps such as Facebook it’s not unusual to find someone discussing their dinner plans which have very little to do with beliefs.

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Explowre has a very familiar social media feel to anyone that’s familiar with Facebook and Twitter – because of this there won’t be much learning curve when you begin using this app which is definitely a plus. Another great thing about this app is that the first time you run it they give you a little walk through of the app's main features so that you can get a feel for how things are meant to work. There are no ads or in-app purchases to worry about either. This app will require 10.3 MB of available space on your iOS device.

How It Works

Explowre is a very simple app to use due to its intuitive nature. Along the bottom of the screen you’ll find a menu with all the main tools that allow you to navigate your way around the app. On the far left is a button labeled Explowre which is where you’ll find the apps main feed and this is actually divided into three different categories including: popular, latest, and following. The feed features short one or two sentence beliefs posted by other members and you can either tap on the heart to express your agreement with the statement, tap on the thumbs down icon to express disagreement with the statement, or tap on the comment box to leave a comment.

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The other tools you’ll find on the menu bar at the bottom include a search icon which lets you search for a particular belief topic you’re interested in, a notifications icon, and a profile icon that allows you to adjust your profile settings. If you want to add your own belief to the conversation you can do this by tapping on the big orange + icon located in the middle of the menu bar. This really is a very simple app, but in this case its simplicity is what makes it work.

Explowre - Share your Opinions and Discover yourself


Pros and Cons


  • Familiar social media interface
  • Features an excellent walk-through of the apps main functions
  • No ads or in-app purchases
  • You can like, dislike, or leave a comment on posts left by other members


  • None

Final Words

Explowre is a fun and simple social media app that allows you to freely express your beliefs with members all around the world. You can also comment and express your likes or dislikes of their beliefs that they’ve posted. It’s a great place to get involved in an engaging conversation and well worth a look.

Explowre - Share your Opinions and Discover yourself

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