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Photo Typer app review: a stunning photo editing app



With the numerous photo editing apps you’ll find in the App Store, it’s difficult trying to decide which one will become the go-to photo editing app on your iOS device. Personally speaking, in a photo editing app I’m looking for ease-of-use, a great range of tools, and simplicity of use. If you can give me those three things I’m going to be pretty satisfied with the app. Photo Typer by Mukubwe Njongo does a great job in all of these areas and I will definitely be using it for editing my photos going forward. This is a free photo transformation app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Photo Typer - Best Photo Editing App


Create Great Photo Memories

As we’ve indicated above, the best photo editing apps have a great range of tools and in this area Photo Typer does not disappoint at all – in fact it includes tools that you’d normally find in much more expensive apps. There are collage tools, photo filtering tools, different little effect tools, tools for changing the tone of your picture, and it has some great stickers and masks as well. There isn’t really a lot they haven’t thought of here, so if photo editing is your thing you definitely won’t be disappointed with this iPad and iPhone photo editor.

There are no ads at all in this app, so you won’t have to worry about being distracted by pop-ups in the middle of editing your photos and they are not constantly harassing you to rate their app either, which is another one of my personal pet peeves. I did have a couple of minor concerns about this app though. Firstly, there are no instructions at all and while it’s not a difficult app to use, if you’re new to photo editing apps this would definitely be a bit of a drawback. The other problem I ran into was that after editing a photo and saving it I couldn’t seem to find a way to discard it and move on to the next picture – I had to completely close the app and start from scratch. This app will require 24.3 MB of available space on your iOS device.

Create Great Photo Memories image

How It Works

The opening screen of the app provides you with four different options: selfie, camera, gallery, and collage. These are the different options you have for selecting a photo to add for editing. Essentially, you can either use an existing photo or use the app to take a new one and use that. Once you’ve chosen your photo, the main editing screen will open and you can get to work.

The user interface for the editing portion of the app is very straightforward and simplistic. Most of the window is taken up by the photo you’re editing and on the bottom of that window is the toolbar for the different effects you can use to enhance your picture. Adding one of the various effects to your photo is as simple as tapping on it on that toolbar which will open a set of different choices and then picking the one that you like. You can try them out until you find something that appeals to you and then once you’re satisfied you simply hit apply in the top right corner and you’re changes will be saved. Once you’ve applied all the effects that you want to, you simply tap on done in the top right corner and your menu bar at the bottom will be replaced with a new menu bar with the different save and sharing options available to you.

How It Works image

Photo Typer - Best Photo Editing App


Pros and Cons


  • Simple straightforward user interface
  • Includes powerful editing tools such as filters and collages
  • Completely ad free
  • Tools are easy to use


  • No instructions
  • Have to exit the app to start work on a new photo

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Photo Typer is one of the most powerful and affordable photo editing apps you’ll find in the App Store. This app has all of the tools you’d expect in a quality photo editing app and they’re very straightforward to use. If you’ve been searching for a great photo editing app I’m happy to say your search is now over.

Photo Typer - Best Photo Editing App

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